Trendy Ideas for Displaying Your Photos

Vintage photos on a wooden surface
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While the best moments in your life will come and go, you can immortalise them in a photograph. Although some people assume that these should be kept hidden, they should be displayed at a strategic point in your home for everyone to admire. The first step to ensure that your photos uplift your ‘home’s interior look is to get them professionally done. Those taken from even the best cameras by non-professionals have no place on your display.

Even the best taken newborn, family, baby, and pregnancy photographs will not look exceptional in your Melbourne home when haphazardly displayed. There are various style options for your ‘photos’ display. The following are some of the trendy display ideas for your photographs:

The Statement Piece

You can opt to have only one wall with one picture for your photo display. Generally, the most significant family photo you have will be the one that serves as the statement piece since it is automatically the centre of attention. When using the photo, ensure that it visually balances with the rest of your ‘room’s furnishings as regards its physical proportions and the colours used. Some homeowners opt to make a collage of all their significant photos in one frame as their statement piece.

The Salon Style

Here, you will dedicate one of your walls to displaying your photos. This generates some form of “organised chaos” since several images will be displayed on the same wall and might cover the entire wall. While it sounds “chaotic,” the photos in the salon style display generally feature some elements that connect them. They might, for instance, have identical frames, be of the same size, or have the same colour schemes. This generates some tranquillity on the display wall.

Hung in a Row

This is a classic choice for the arrangement of your photos. It matches rooms with geometric shapes. You can hang the photos in a horizontal or vertical row. You can opt to align photos of varying sizes along an edge of your wall. Alternatively, you can arrange them such that the photos’ centres fall along an imaginary line.

The Picture Grid

Person holding a picture frameThis resembles a checkerboard, and the photos will be arranged in a strict symmetrical pattern. The frames or borders of the photos should be lined up along their edges, and the distance between them will be similar in all directions. The picture grid is an ideal choice for photos of the same size and those that have identical frames.

Inside the Lines

Here, photos will be somewhat casually hung on your display wall. You need not stick to an equal distance between your pictures or edges, nor do you have to create perfect harmony. You can arrange them in an imaginary shape like a rectangle, square, or circle. The best choice here is to start hanging the largest photo in your ensemble, then hang the smaller ones around it.

Your photos can tell the story of your ‘life’s journey that no words can. The display choices mentioned above will enable you to use them to transform your ‘home’s look while telling a perfect story. To ensure that all the photos in your display match, get one professional photographer for all of them.

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