What to Remember When Demolishing A House

A digger demolishing houses for reconstruction
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If you’re reading this, then there’s a big chance you’re facing the unfortunate decision of having to tear down a house that’s beyond repair. Whether it’s undergone extensive fire damage, wasn’t able to withstand a natural calamity (flood, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake), gave out due to poor construction, there are some structural damages wherein renovation is no longer viable, and demolition is the only option. So, if you think your house or a property you own or inherited, can no longer be restored and needs to be demolished, here are some things you’d want to remember:

Know If It’s A Teardown Candidate

It’s important for you to ascertain as soon as possible if the house actually is beyond repair. Some structures may seem beyond repair to the untrained eye, but some contractors may still be able to save it. As such, try to hire a professional to check if it’s still possible to save it, or if demolishing it and building a new structure would be the better option. It’s quite possible that a house can still be restored to its original state, but depending on the damage, a contractor might see that it’s cheaper to just build tear it down them build it back up from scratch. So, if it’s beyond repair or if its repair would cost you more than a building a new home, then it’s best to just tear it down.

The DIY Option

When demolishing the house, you have two options: (a) doing it yourself or (b) Have a professional do it for you. There will be some paperwork and permits that will be required by your local government, but it is actually possible to demolish the house yourself. You’d have to process permits as well as contact utility companies (water and electricity), and then rent excavators or bulldozers for hire to tear down the house and clear and level the ground for easier construction.  After which, you’ll have to rent a garbage container or truck in order to properly dispose of all the debris.

The Financing Consideration: Sell or Rebuild

hands covering a miniature house

Whether you’ve decided on demolishing the house or hiring a demolition contractor, there’s the issue of financing. Financing may be a bit more complex when you’re about to tear down and rebuild. You’d have to consider the costs of the demolition as well as the cost of repairs. As such, you’ll be presented with two options: get the financing you need (whether it’s digging into your savings, getting a new loan, etc) in order to tear down the old house and build a new one, or sell the teardown property (you may also negotiate that the sellers would have to be the one to do the teardown). In a lot of cases, those whose house has been damaged beyond repair do prefer selling the property due to financial constraints, while others simply opt to do so since it’s way easier to sell and take a new long-term loan for a new house instead of tearing down and rebuilding the current one.


It’s hard to deal with having to demolish a house, especially if it holds sentimental value, or is historically significant for your family. However, it’s best to remember these tips if your house seems beyond any repair so you can start again from scratch.

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