New Home Styling Tips in 2019

minimalist living room with indoor plants
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Have you ever felt like your room’s getting a little dull? Are you getting annoyed with that old wall paint that’s been sitting there since you moved in? Are you considering a new look for your home?

Well, it’s 2019! It’s time to bust out those creative juices and remodel. Look no further, as we teach you new ways to spruce up your home. All it takes is a little muscle and a few cuts from the piggy bank.

But don’t worry. In case it’s getting too hot like in certain areas in the country such as Phoenix, AZ. You can hire interior design services to do the heavy work for you.

Add some greens to the scene

We’re in an age of computers and smartphones and everything metal. But that doesn’t mean you should leave the greenery outside your house. Plants add personality or even fragrance to the room, as well as gives off cleaner air. If you don’t want the hassle of watering your plants, you can always get something plastic. But we prefer mother nature living in the living room.

Position your plants as accents to other more important pieces to your decor. You can set them up near mirrors or have them hung up on blank walls to fill in space. Have a full green wall outside your home; just make sure you get the pros to do it for you.

Maybe it’s Memphis?

Memphis design has been praised by designers and artists for its retro-modern aesthetics. While it hasn’t been seen since the 1980s, it hasn’t lost its charm. The design has since returned to an artist’s design portfolio. The minimalist-loud design will breathe new life to any room. Oddly-cut shapes and Pantone colors now rise above the flat wall and furniture finishes.

You can even take it a step further and be more creative with your furniture. Instead of getting a plain old carpet on the floor, how about getting one with more texture and color? Take out the coffee table books. Replace them with artistic pieces that pull together your home’s new theme. Remove the gaudy metallic pieces and get something handmade from your local art store.

Limitless lights

Bar in new luxury home, complete with chairs wine glasses, beer, and new cabinets

LED? Fluorescent? We’re not trying to be technical here. We also don’t mean replacing all the light bulbs you already have in your home. What we do suggest is to try layering the light to create a more ambient or bright stage. Have the lights bounce off certain walls and textures to highlight certain pieces. Try using different colors to shift moods in the room. Introduce lights in places that weren’t there before, such as a direct overhead lamp on a coffee table.

It also doesn’t have to be artificial light. You can break down a few walls and have the sun’s light shine in from the windows to create a homier and natural feel.

These are only a few suggestions that can help with your home remodeling. Everybody wants a different thing and has a different idea. So, get to work and pull up a brainstorm of a concept. If you’re still struggling with swatches and themes, try getting professional interior design services.

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