Taking Your Indoor Luxuries to Your Outdoor Adventures: the Gist of Glamping

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The landscape has changed. What used to be a sport of survival and a race to determine the most resourceful has now taken a drastic turn. Glamping, the wedding of the words “glamorous” and “camping,” sees the greenhorns of the great outdoors bring their luxuries with them to camp.

Houston’s tent rental services acknowledge the need for the industry to adjust to the sensibilities of glampers. It isn’t about backpacks and bonfires anymore – it’s about taking everything to the trip. But if everyone’s luxuries are relative, what defines the glamping experience then?

Glamping is the intersection of modern comforts and the ever-untamed wilderness. Whether it’s in the middle a safari, beside the beach, or under covers of canopies, glampers get to enjoy both the stunning sceneries and the familiar elements that make up a home. For the longest time, the comforts of home and the struggle of camping are different poles, so how does glamping reconcile the two?

Is it the type and size of the tent?

It’s a tad inaccuracy to say “tents,” as glampers often resort to more significant lodging options such as huts and huge teepees to caravans and small cottages. But yes, size does matter in this circumstance. Some often go so far as to furnish entire barns and log cabins in far-flung spots with dainty amenities. These include queen-sized beds, upholsteries, home appliances such as a fridge and television with cable access, and even Jacuzzi tubs inside a safe and sealed enclosure. No snake sighting, no insect biting.


Is it the experience?

Authentic and time-tested outdoorsmen would and have already aired their concern about glamping, which mainly sounds off at the venture as counter-intuitive. You explore the great outdoors for all the wild and beautiful things that only it can provide. Thus, if you bring all your “indoor comforts” with you, it will seem like you never left your house.

Glampers seem to deprive themselves of the challenge. They miss out on the fun of trekking, hiking, orienteering, bird-watching, fish-catching, and all the other social activities that usually went with camping. For traditional campers, glamping misses the essence of exploration, of escaping to nature.

Is it the distance that counts?

It makes sense to think that the farther you go, the better camping experience you get. That is, the more distant the place is, the more challenging it is to survive the night.

But what does this make of backyard campers then? Or what if someone has lived near a national park their whole lives? If it remains a social activity, one that explores the edge of our comforts, then maybe the glamour of camping should be defined by the camper himself. Will it matter if you’re camping at your backyard if you still challenge yourself to open a can without a can opener?

While the rules of the game remain a problem, glamping coexists with traditional camping styles. Whether you’re pitching a measly one-square-meter-sized tent in your backyard or lounging comfortably inside a lavish log cabin in the middle of nowhere, one defining thing is who you take with you on your trip.

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