Stand Out and Attract Potential Customers in Trade Shows

people at a trade show
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Trade shows are the perfect place to showcase your product or service without spending too much of your marketing budget. Get a booth where you can display your products, provide information about your services, and reach out to potential customers to educate them about your brand.

Having a booth, though, is just the first step. Now, you need to attract the attention of the crowd so that you’ll have an audience to sell your products to. And since you’ll be competing with other brands in attendance, you need every bit of help you can get to draw the people’s eyes and ears.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Well-made Video on Loop

Your trade show booth won’t be complete without a screen playing a video about your company on loop. This is the perfect informative material that you should invest on. These videos can help you explain a product or service you’re launching, or introduce the brand to potential customers if they’re relatively new.

You can have one long video playing on a loop, or a few shorter videos playing simultaneously on different screens. To level-up your videos, you can also pay for quality motion graphics here in Denver. It could be an explainer video, a short advertisement-type clip, or an artistic take to whatever message you’re trying to send.

You can have live-action videos, but producing them can be costly compared to having animated videos. You’ll have to worry about actors, the script, shooting, and editing, and more, even for a sub-1 minute video.

Invest in Useful Giveaways

products in a box

Gone are the days of just giving out leaflets and flyers. These are just landfill fodders, destined to get thrown without ever serving their purpose. That’s why you need to attach whatever message you want to send to something that won’t get tossed immediately.

Invest in useful giveaways and merchandise so that the recipients can have multiple opportunities to recall your brand. A simple and straightforward example would be to give out fan-shaped brochures. Trade shows tend to get warm, especially when there’s no proper ventilation, or there’s a lot of people in attendance.

You can also give out printed hand towels, lens cleaning cloths, and more. You can also have a sign-up giveaway, say, for example, the first 30 people to sign up for a free trial gets a free shirt, mug, or whatever merchandise you have with your name on them.

Interactive Set-up that Won’t Intimidate your Visitors

If you genuinely want to engage your customers, invest in a booth set-up where they can touch and interact with the products or services you’re offering. For example, your business is a health spa. You can have a couple of people offer free 5-minute massages to interested visitors.

If you’re selling sporting equipment, be sure to have samples that your target clients can try.

The key is to have them experience your brand first hand so that they can decide if you are worth their time and money. You can take this opportunity to give out free samples, lessons, offer free trials, and more.

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