How Your Food and Beverage Business Could Increase Sales in 2021

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When social distancing rules were implemented, many people found it hard to access food. The food and beverage industry plays a significant role in the UK’s economy as there are about 4.1 million people employed in the agri-food sector. This number translates to 13 percent of the GB employment.

Furthermore, in 2018, the agri-food sector contributed £120.2 billion or 9.4% to the national Gross Value Added.

Food & Beverage Industry amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Although most brick-and-mortar establishments, such as movie theaters, bookstores, and fitness centers still have not recovered from the early pandemic impact, the food and beverage sector is quick in finding ways to redirect its business approach.

Restaurants have found innovative ways to keep their customers and even find new ones by offering takeout and delivery services and also expanding their retail options.

In some places, outdoor dining became a convenient addition to the services dining establishments were able to provide. This also helped provide jobs to people. Developers even have created an interactive map that allows people to check restaurants that have outdoor dining options.

But amid the resourcefulness and resilience of businesses belonging to the food and beverage sector, many are grappling with how to balance their finances to cover new or additional overhead costs.

Increasing sales is one of the viable solutions most restaurants are looking into to meet the financial obligations they are facing.

Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales amid the Pandemic

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1. Resort to Digital Marketing Strategies

With social distancing still strongly implemented by local governments and states, this is an opportune time for restaurants to enhance their online presence, using digital marketing strategies.

Consumer trends amid the COVID-19 pandemic are pointing towards digitization.

Posting ads on various digital channels is one of the best ways to boost your digital presence. Generating relevant content with eye-catching headlines and applying search engine optimization will surely make your website stand out among the hundreds of local businesses in your area.

Professional website designers can help you in creating a more visually appealing and interactive website to create a more streamlined experience for your guests.

2. Streamline Online Ordering

Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people prefer ordering food online, just like how they purchase other products. Improve your restaurant website by offering online ordering for delivery, takeout, and drive-thru. The majority of customers prefer ordering online rather than calling because it is much more convenient and easy. Offer also online payment options for a more expedited process.

3. Make Waiting Time Bearable

It is undeniable that in the food and beverage business, waiting is part of the deal. However, in this fast-paced world, people all the more hate long waiting periods. Apart from offering a smooth online ordering process, streamline as well the waiting time of your service.

To hasten the food preparation, you might consider investing in semi-automatic piston fillers. That way, your customers no longer have to wait in long queues. Also, train your staff to engage customers in small talks. Even a quick “How’s your day?” can brighten up one’s day, especially during these trying times.

4. Bank on Food Presentation

Since there are still states that restrict dine-in options, it is high time for restauranteurs to give more attention to deliveries and takeouts.

Even these are the only options available, give your customers the ambiance as if they are enjoying your food inside your establishment by making Instagramable takeout food presentations.

Furthermore, show some love and gratitude to your loyal customers by inserting handcrafted notes or greeting cards on their food boxes. Your customers will surely appreciate such a simple gesture, and it makes your business feel more “human” than a money-making enterprise.

5. Make Healthy Food Options

Amid the spread of the Coronavirus disease across the world, people have become increasingly health-conscious.

Grab this opportunity and include healthier dishes on your menu. Not only will it show how much you care for your customers, but you will likely expand your market reach to people who are vegetarians or who are on a special diet.

6. Improve Food Inventory

Having a proper food inventory is crucial to successful restaurant management. While you do not want to lose customers because of shortages in stock, you do not want to have excessive stocks as well.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is to resort to restaurant management apps that allow you to simplify your procurement and inventory procedures.

Establishing a good communication line with your supplier is also necessary. That way, you can always ensure your supplies are well-maintained and you avoid food wastage.

With the COVID-19 most likely lingering a little longer with us, businesses in the food and beverage industry will continue to face new challenges along the way. Nonetheless, by being innovative and adaptable to changes, restaurants will continue to survive during this pandemic and beyond.

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