Improving Community Relations Through Technology

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Technological advancements have been growing nonstop ever since we stepped into the 21st century. There is no certain way to track the number of technological advancements we have made for the past few years. However, what is certain is that it feels like it has been an everlasting exponential growth that is nothing like we have ever seen.

Moore’s Law is the closest thing we have to track the rate by which technology is advancing. This law tracks the number of transistors we have on integrated circuits. The amount of transistors we have put on the integrated circuit of the same size has increased exponentially in the past 50 years.

We have no reason to believe that the same will still hold true for the next 50 years. The computing power of most computers has gotten much faster, more efficient, and more reliable. In addition, the modern average cellphone can run faster and more efficiently than the computer program that sent three men to the moon.

There is no denying that our society has improved thanks to technology. Through modern advancements in technology, we have all the gadgets we enjoy. Through these handy, reliable, and convenient items, we get to connect with our loved ones in the middle of a pandemic. Any loving grandson can call their beloved grandmother in another state at any time. People can talk face to face through video calling and group calling with anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Aside from the practical solutions technology has presented us with, these new technological advancements offer our generation a unique opportunity to reach for the stars. For example, only recently, an electric car mogul invested in a space venture opportunity and entered into a contract with NASA to power a reusable rocket. The reusable rocket aims to cut the costs related to space travel.

It is not only the macro side of life that has improved because of technology. The advancements in science have also enhanced basic human needs. Our lives as part of a community have evolved through the smallest things we tend to take for granted. How are community relations improved by technology and its advancements?

Bridging the Gap

The advancement of technology in communication has bridged the gap between people of different backgrounds. It has greatly helped people who have a hard time communicating what they intend or what they want to convey. For example, people in a community who would like to connect with others can now do so through various digital communities on their favored social media. Those who have shared interests can interact and connect with the exact community they are looking for with ease.



Persons with disabilities are now given the opportunity to do more in life through technology. Once considered by society as helpless individuals, persons with disabilities are now given equal footing and more roles in a community to participate in as technological advancements pave the way toward equality among all persons. This group is now given the same forum as anyone else in the digital field. Now that almost everything has become inclusive, the culture of acceptance has become normalized in society. Accessibility for those who have less in life has also improved the community atmosphere into one of participation, acceptance, and independence.

Remote Security

Currently, there are a lot of companies that use modern technology to keep lives, communities, and properties secure. Previously, it would take concealment and the whole village to guard the king’s treasure. Nowadays, a reliable residential security team can immediately be dispatched, and they can respond to your needs with just a push of a button. Technology has become so far advanced that suspicious movement can be triggered easily by a highly sophisticated camera. In addition, a fire alarm can be set by artificial intelligence. Depending on your lifestyle, monitors can be set for the inside of your home for you to have the chance to view it even when you are a million miles away from it. Remotely gathering information about the state of things in a certain area is made easy with advanced technology. People in communities learn to feel safer while walking at night with all the technological developments surrounding them.

Taking on the problems of the community is one of the many things technology has aimed to do. Without these technological advancements, we would all still be living in the dark ages. Being involved with the community is the only way our species can move forward.

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