What You Need to Know About Signal Jamming

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The modern technology that we know of today has indeed come a long way. It has basically made our daily lives more convenient with the use of technology. Although it requires some training to master the use of technology, we all know how important it is to live alongside technology in the world we are now living in. Some companies also offer products such as a jamming simulator to help improve our use of various technological devices at work and for personal use.

Meanwhile, we have been reliant on using GPS. It is an important tool, especially for the transportation and logistics industry. It is also an important tool for personal use. Even the government benefits from the use of GPS. However, the major threat of using GPS are jamming and spoofing. For one thing, these can cause disruption to the signals and even compromise safety.

The truth about these signal jammers

GPS jamming or spoofing refers to the use of a device that transmits frequencies that are used to cause interference with various communication devices. This includes phones, Wi-Fi networks, and GPS systems among a few. Among its major purposes include:

  • Preventing mobile phones from receiving or making calls, emails, and text messages
  • Blocks devices from connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi
  • Hides the exact location of a vehicle, device, or the person wearing a GPS device

It is said that jamming or spoofing was first used in the military as a way to confuse enemies about their location and targets as part of their military tactics. Decades later, the concept of signal jamming has eventually been adapted for personal use for their own privacy. However, it can do more harm than good if used without proper training or with malicious intent.

Signals coming from a radio and satellites will determine the precise location of a device or vehicle with a GPS component. These signals will only be interrupted when another device emits signals with similar frequency as the said GPS device. As a result, the GPS device won’t be able to precisely locate the target’s exact location and cause confusion to the users.

The use and sale of signal jammers are illegal and can put you to jail. It is usually a small device that is intended to send signals that can interfere with GPS devices that are up to 10 meters away. However, these kinds of devices can still be purchased through online stores. Aside from GPS jammers, there are other similar jamming devices illegally sold such as Bluetooth, drone, Wi-Fi, and drone jammers among a few.

Avoiding signal jammers

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Fortunately, there are ways to prevent signal jammers that can be annoying and compromise your safety as well. Here are some simple ways that can help avoid signal jams on your device.

1. Move to another location.
If you think your mobile device or GPS device signal is jammed, try going to other locations. Most signal jammers are meant to work in a specific area. So, it may be a good idea to change your location to get rid of the signal jam.

2. Consider buying a mobile device with multiple frequencies.
Some devices can work with multiple frequencies. This gives you an option to switch to another frequency in case the other one is jammed.

3. Contact authorities.
It is best to contact authorities if you think there is someone using a signal jammer in your area. Some states enforce strict penalties when caught using or selling signal jammers.

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