Finding the Right Contractor for Your Commercial Property

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Typing the search term “commercial contractor” on Google may be the obvious first step in finding a contractor for your commercial property. But that does not mean that you’re going to find the right one. There are many considerations that you have to make when you want to hire the best contractor in the industry. Why wouldn’t you? Fly-by-night and substandard contractors are synonymous with low-quality construction materials and ugly architecture. Those are the two things that you hate to see in your commercial property.

You also need to search for commercial landscaping services in Philadelphia or in the city where your property is located because honestly, who wants a commercial property with zero greenery and all concrete? Here are the tips for finding the right commercial contractor and landscape architect:

Know What You Need, Want, and Can Afford

The first mistake that people do when searching for a contractor for their house or their commercial property is not listing down their needs and wants. They cannot come up with a list of what they can afford. Your list needs to be realistic. You can’t expect your building to be made of solar panels if you can’t afford it. You can compromise on some of the elements of the design, but it will be good to see if the contractor can find a solution to your financial shortcomings and design requirements.

Check Trade Groups and Organizations

The Associated General Contractors of America has over 30,000 construction firms as their members. They have small, family-owned, and some of the largest construction companies in the country and in the world. You can visit the website of these groups and locate a local chapter. From the list generated, you can choose a local contractor who would be easily accessible to you.

Ask for Recommendations and References

finding the right contractor

You can ask your friends in the construction industry if they know a general contractor who would be a breeze to work with. Ask someone you trust—someone who has hired a contractor for a similar project. Remember that a commercial property is different from a residential one.

When you do meet with the contractors, ask for references and their portfolios, too. You want to know whether the way they market their companies is legitimate. If that means reaching out to their past clients, then so be it. If the contractors have nothing to hide, they should have no issue providing you with references.

Initiate Open Bids

Invite contractors to propose a bid for the project, but be careful about being fooled with the lowest price. You are looking for a competitive proposal that will use quality materials without being over-the-top expensive. You shouldn’t be fooled by the lowest bid since there might be two sides to every story. Learn how to distinguish good contractors from cheap ones that deliver substandard output.

Meet with the Contractor

That initial meeting will tell you a lot about the contractor. You want someone who’s easy to talk and deal with. You also want to hire someone who has vast experience in the industry. That means checking the appropriate licenses, permits, and insurance. This first meeting is also the right time to ask the contractor about timelines, due dates, schedules, and the people who will be involved in the project.

When searching for a commercial contractor, keep your wits with you. Don’t be easily attracted by flowery words and cheap bids. This investment will only be worth the risk if the contractor delivers the exact specifications and design of the project.

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