Ways to Prevent Car Theft

man lock picking a car door
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According to the NHTSA, over 750,000 Americans lose their cars to theft every year. In 42% of these thefts, vehicles are never recovered. Given that your car is an indispensable part of your life, losing it can be devastating. The situation is worse if you are still repaying a car ownership loan. However, there are ways to make your vehicle more secure and reduce the chances of it falling in the hands of thieves.

The good thing about using anti-theft devices and methods is that your auto insurance company can give you a discount. Visit several insurance providers in Charlotte, NC, to find out which one offers the best deals and on what methods and devices. With that out of the way, here are some suggestions that can help to deter thieves. Remember that you shouldn’t rely only on these methods since some thieves might already have a way of bypassing them.

Use anti-theft devices

Thieves are always looking for the easiest ways to steal your car. When you install anti-theft devices, you make the process a bit harder for them. Using physical anti-theft devices such as immobilizers that prevent other people from starting your car or an alarm system that goes off anytime an intruder tries to open your vehicle can help to reduce chances of theft. You can also use vehicle recovery systems that help to pinpoint the location of stolen cars. In states where car theft is high, having these devices can lower your insurance cost.

Don’t leave the car running

Even if you are only away for a few minutes, don’t be tempted to leave your vehicle running. Don’t assume that this isn’t applicable when in your residence. Most cases where cars have been stolen when left with running engines have occurred in homes. When you leave your car running, you make it easier for thieves to get away with it. Besides, leaving your car running is illegal in most states.

Know the typical schemes of theft

man trying to open a car doorThieves always come up with new methods to distract people and get away with their cars. From causing a small accident to throwing paper bags on the windscreen, these methods work in most cases where the driver leaves the vehicle to investigate the issue. Remember that thieves often come in numbers, and once you focus on engaging one of them, the ones you can’t see will make a getaway with your precious vehicle. There are many forums where you can get to learn most of the methods that are in use nowadays.

Protecting your vehicle from theft can cost you some time and money. However, what you will be spending is far less than the loss you would incur if your car were stolen. Make use of gadgets and other methods of reducing car theft.

While keeping your car out of the hands of a criminal is not easy, taking advantage of the methods above can make a real difference. However, whenever your vehicle is stolen, alert the police immediately to improve your chances of recovery.

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