Photography Shoot Guide: Picking the Right Set Designer

Photography Shoot
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Whether you are running a fashion, home brand or online business, you know too well that stunning imagery is one of the things that draw in customers. This is why you should be heavily investing in photography. When it comes to this, the beauty of the output does not just depend on the skills of the photography and the technical brilliance of lighting. You will surely have elaborate shoots that require striking backgrounds. Sometimes, brands overlook this very part, thus ending up with a mediocre set-up, which then results in the not-so-stunning output.

Other than working with a skilled provider of e-commerce photo editing services, you will need to work with a reliable set designer if you want to achieve great-looking backgrounds. Picking a set designer might not have been your priority before. Prioritize the beauty of your set by working with the right one. You may find it quite challenging to find someone to work with, especially if it is your first time. However, that is not impossible—there will always be ways to find a designer that suits your specifications and aesthetics.

Check out their portfolio

One of the first things that you should do when shortlisting candidates is to look at their portfolio. Doing so will give you an idea about their capabilities. You may be strict by choosing only to work with set designers that have advertising and photography set-up experience. But you always have the choice to work with interior designers and decorators. If you are doing an elaborate shoot on a shoestring budget, you may consider working interior designer students and interns. They are relatively more affordable, and you have the assurance that they can provide quality work.

See if they have an interior design background

Photography Shoot Designer Planning Background

As mentioned, you can work with interior designers. This is especially true if you are working on projects that require backgrounds based on homes, such as living room set-ups and kitchen set-ups. An interior designer can make sure that your background will look as organic as possible, thus making it more convincing and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose someone who has attention to detail

You ought to work with a designer that does not only have the technical and aesthetic skills but also possess an eye for detail. They should be able to spot lapses and respond to these dilemmas. Your set designer should also be a good project manager, meaning they know how to prioritize and juggle demands within a given time. Choosing a set designer with good project management skills will make sure that you will be able to follow the timeline of the shoot.

Ask their former clients

If you already have picked a candidate, you may want to do one last check on them. This is through asking their former clients. Ask them about their experience working with your chosen set designer. You can also learn their quirks, thus helping you set your own expectations.

A set designer is a must-have team member if you are working on elaborate shoots. Mostly, such shoots are centered on fashion and home. But for you to find and work with the right one, you should be clear and specific to your requirements.

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