Ways to Optimize Your Business’ Online Presence

online presence
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The year 2020 really defined the time of e-commerce being the new norm. Though the pandemic has been disastrous to a lot of small business owners and laborers, it undeniably presented an opportunity to make money off the internet. How? By starting an online business, or converting your existing traditional business into a digital enterprise.

With hashtags being thrown here and there, one might think that building an online presence is quick and easy. While that’s agreeable to a certain extent, creating a strong online presence takes more than the use of hashtags. There’s SEO, ads, web design, and so on.

Besides the obvious, which is to launch your own website and social media pages, here are more ways to optimize your business’s web presence:

1. Find the Right Networks

Facebook and Instagram may be most widely used social networks, but they shouldn’t be your only options. Depending on the nature of your business, you can use any of the following social networking sites:

  • Facebook – Ideal for businesses that aims to generate leads and build relationships with an audience.
  • Instagram – Instagram also offers the same opportunities as Facebook, as both networks are equipped with nearly identical features. (e.g., Stories and My Day, payment features, sponsored posts) But with Instagram, businesses can tap influencers to promote their brands.
  • Twitter – For businesses with a market consisting of young, well-educated people, Twitter is ideal, because it’s one of the go-to apps for sharing news, announcements, and starting trends.
  • Pinterest – This photo-sharing app is perfect for businesses that are known for their aesthetic visuals. (interior design, fashion, photography)
  • LinkedIn – This professional platform is designed for either B2B or B2C businesses that aim to engage audiences, build authority, and establish trust.

Once you found the suitable social networks for your business, regularly publish high-quality content on those, and actively engage with your followers.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization

online presence

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is a digital marketing tactic used to make a business’s website rank high in search engine results pages (SERP). There are various ways to use SEO, including blogs that contain the right keywords, and a user-friendly and visually appealing website.

Another interesting and effective SEO technique is off-page search engine optimization, which can be carried out by a reputable digital marketing company. Contrary to on-page SEO, which involves on-site strategies to make a website rank high in SERP, off-page SEO refers to off-site activities done to achieve the same goal.

A few examples of off-page SEO are guest blogs, influencer blogs, and infographics. This article itself is also one, as you’d see from a backlink directing you to a specific company.

Off-page SEO is particularly beneficial as it allows your business to reach out to an extended audience, like the followers of a certain influencer. It can boost your business’s credibility and brand image, gaining it more traction.

3. Have a Consistent Brand Voice

No matter how many social networks you use, or how strong your SEO techniques are, your online presence will only be welcome if your brand voice is consistent. This is actually harder than it sounds, especially if multiple people are assigned to your social media pages.

That’s because different people have different personalities, which they tend to express on your business’s social media pages. As such, your audience may perceive your brand voice as confusing, taking away their trust and loyalty.

Hence, limit the number of people managing your social networks. Ensure that every person on the task is on the same page regarding the brand image and voice you want to present.

These three strategies for building up an online presence are all practical, effective, and low-cost. To maintain your optimized web presence, execute consistency, and strive to keep up with fast-changing trends.

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