Ways to Boost Online Sales Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world into a near standstill and is continuing to wreak havoc. None of us expected this type of calamity. The pandemic has caused not only a health crisis but an economic and commerce crisis as well.

One of the highly affected industries by this COVID-19 pandemic is the eCommerce industry. Online sellers all over the world are having difficulty increasing their sales due to lack of supply or disruption of supply chains, low demand on non-essential goods or service, and steep competition.

However, there are available solutions that can help alleviate the current situation of online sellers. Here are some helpful tips that will help increase online sales despite the ravaging pandemic:

Make a Lasting Impression by Providing Superb Customer Service

When it comes to customer interaction, nothing beats customer follow-up conversations. One of the highly overlooked mistakes of online sellers is that once the customer has paid for the product, the customer experience ends.

Usually, customers have follow-up questions after receiving the product if they have some confusion or queries related to the item purchase. Unfortunately, some online sellers fail on this aspect of customer service.

Studies have shown that customers tend to become loyal brand advocates if sellers give them more attention after purchasing the product. Not only will they become repeat customers, but they will also recommend your online store to their friends and family and even possibly to the online community.

Treating your customers like they are your family or friends rather than viewing them as another business transaction will have an amazing effect on your sales and market reach. So talk to them on your social media platform, respond to their email concerns, and offer them incentives.

Highlight Your Value Proposition

Competition is steep, even in online business. Especially with this ongoing pandemic, certain essential products are commonly offered online. And it is a challenge for you as an online seller to stand out among the myriads of online businesses.

Unless you are a well-known brand, consumers care less about your company. In buying products online, customers mainly focus on what item or service would solve their problem.

In coming up with your value proposition, you should highlight the benefits your customers would receive should they buy your product other than that of the competitor. You should give reasons why your product or service is best suited for your potential customer.

Accordingly, there are three main areas of a value proposition:

  • Relevance: It answers the question of how your product or service would solve customers’ problems.
  • Qualified Value: It answers the question of what specific benefits your product or service offers.
  • Differentiator: It answers the question of why your prospective customers should buy from you and not from your competitors.

It is important to note that a clear and well-communicated value proposition would add to the success of your online business.

online shop

Make Your Product a Necessity

Another way of boosting your sales or service demand is by creating a sense of urgency in purchasing your goods or services. This tip is especially helpful for non-essential items during this pandemic crisis.

Because the end of the COVID-19 outbreak is still bleak, consumers are leaning towards saving their money than spending it on unnecessary consumer items. As a result, low demand for a number of products and services has been observed.

One effective way of creating an atmosphere of need is by putting out incentives. Studies have shown that consumers respond positively to rewards and incentives. With the right stimulus offered to your prospective customer, your online business can gain not just another buyer but potentially another loyal consumer.

Take Advantage of Digital Marketing Services

A significant number of traditional sellers have opted to incorporate an online marketing approach to their business to boost market influence and reach. This trend is noticeable due to the lockdown and quarantine regulations mandated by government authorities.

However, most traditional sellers and entrepreneurs experience difficulty thriving in the online selling industry, mainly due to a lack of experience and knowledge. In view of such a concern, by doing proper research and consultation, online sellers can eventually adapt to the eCommerce industry.

One of the trusted methods by top online sellers is the implementation of a digital marketing strategy. Numerous digital marketing services are available today. Whether you are an Amazon seller, a drop shipper, or a social media entrepreneur, you can always take advantage of these digital marketing solutions.

If you are an online seller having difficulty with your online business, the above-mentioned tips are some effective ways to increase your sales online despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. There is no need to fret because there are tons of solutions available online for your convenience.

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