Understanding the Daily Struggles of People with Disability

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Typically, people complain about mundane things like having a bad day at work or receiving bad marks in school. Some find it hard to purchase basic needs because of constant financial problems. There are tons of personal issues we deal with every day, but it’s normal. If you are tired of all the negative things around you, know that other people have it worse. Your life problems may not even compare to what other people may be dealing with. If your life is hard, it’s more difficult for those who are living with a disability.

Most of the time, people feel sorry for those with disabilities. They think that they can’t pursue some of their goals because of their situation. They believe that these people always need to rely on someone to take care of them. The truth is, not every person with a disability needs assistance. They also don’t need anyone’s sympathy or pity because what they need is acceptance and understanding. If you want to learn more about them, taking a peek at their daily lives may help you.

What It’s Like to Live with Disability

People with disabilities try their best to live normally. However, most of them still have a hard time getting on with their lives. That is especially true because some public places don’t have enough facilities or areas for disabled people. Here are other things that you might want to learn about people with a disability:

blind man holding his cellphone

    • Visually-impaired—People with visual impairment look for smart glasses to buy so that they can see the world better. If they’re lucky, they can continue living a normal life with the help of special glasses. Some people who lose their sense of sight completely, on the other hand, live a more difficult life. They don’t have any way to see things any more. Even taking a five-minute walk can be dangerous for them.
    • Hearing-impaired—People experiencing difficulty in hearing purchase costly hearing aids to hear and listen to the voices of their loved ones. Some people suffering from this handicap find it hard to land on their dream jobs. Most companies prefer people who don’t have hearing impairment because communication is crucial in business.

elderly woman assisted by her aud

  • Walking disability —Those who find it hard to stand or walk spend their days holding crutches or sitting in a wheelchair. Most of the time, they have a hard time getting on public transportation. Some buildings don’t have lifts as well. That makes it difficult for these people to go from one place to another.
  • Mental health problems—People suffering from mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, are often judged by society. The most challenging thing about having this type of disability is that it’s not noticeable. Also, not a lot of people are comfortable talking about negative emotions. As a result, people suffering from mental health problems find it harder to open up or find help.

How Can People Help

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Whether you have a disability, it’s best to stay respectful and compassionate towards other people. You will never know what types of struggles they face every day. Also, it would help if you took note that not all disabilities are apparent. Some are suffering from mental health issues. Others who have hearing or visual impairments are also not easy to spot. That’s why you shouldn’t judge people. Always treat people with kindness and make it easier for everyone to face their lives.

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