Small Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

car tools
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Keeping your car in tip-top shape takes a lot of work and equipment, and there are little tools you may not realize can change how you keep your vehicle running significantly. Here are some things you should own but may yet be in your kit.

Hose clamps

Getting yourself stainless steel jubilee clips can make the difference when fixing the hydraulics of your car or if you have to maintain your cooling hose and brake hose. They can be a crucial piece to have when you are trying to hamper a leak or repair your system. These clips can take a lot of pressure and are easy to install on your hoses.

They can be a handy item to have if you need to manage your car’s engine cooling while you’re on the go and can’t necessarily get to a mechanic fast enough. They are easy to acquire and use but should be adequately tightened, as over-tightening them can cause other problems as well. Correctly gauging them is not too complicated, though, so it’s a great fix even if you’re not that adept.


Also known as “Water Displacement, 40th formula,” this is a great thing to have at the ready. It can serve multiple purposes in maintaining your car and is a quick fix that doesn’t require too much to lug around.

Because it removes rust, this can be a core part of your cleaning tools to keep your vehicle looking good before you take it out on the road. It is also a practical thing when you need to keep your engine running and there is too much moisture building up. It can also remove a lot of stubborn stuff on your car, both inside and out because its composition allows you to effectively clean grime and a lot of materials that tend to build up.

On top of being a great cleaning agent for multiple things, it’s also useful in keeping your car functional. Putting it on bolts that have rusted or are stuck can easily loosen them up, and it can be used on spark plugs to ensure that they are well-lubricated but not prone to absorbing water.

Impact wrench

Mechanic unscrewing car wheel with impact wrench

While this may feel like a more advanced tool to keep with you, it’s a good investment to make in the long run. That is especially ideal for car owners who prefer to maintain their vehicles personally and are interested in automotive projects. It’s also an excellent tool that can speed up your process when doing repairs.

This item can also improve the game when it comes to changing your tires yourself. This tool can provide power and torque and yet is a good option for those who prefer to keep smaller ones that are easier to store and handle. It may be more geared towards handymen, but it is still a useful tool for those who are interested in getting their own work done themselves, even at a more amateur level.

Keeping your car fresh and ready for use doesn’t have to be too difficult, as long as you use the right tools and adequately get things done.

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