The Finer Things in Life: Starting an Online Lifestyle Magazine

Online Lifestyle Magazine
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People are drawn to attractive and appealing things. This is the very reason fashion and travel publications have become so successful: the magazines and materials become a window to other styles and modes of living for readers. Mostly, they have useful articles that inspire and teach readers to adopt such lifestyles. If you want to capitalise on this behaviour, you may want to start an online lifestyle magazine.

An online lifestyle magazine is one of the surefire ways to make good money. People will always consume content, and being a content provider may mean that you have the ability to attract audiences. When you have a lot of readers, that’s the time you can start monetising the project. You can turn it into a media real estate and partner with reputable advertisers and brands.

But that’s getting ahead of yourself. You want to ensure the success of your launch first. Here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind:

Identify the categories

In case you have already picked a niche and a target audience, what you should do next is to identify the categories that your online lifestyle magazine will have. Among the key categories to consider are travel, fashion, food, and happenings around the metro. But you can always go beyond these categories by exploring new territories. For one, you can add human-interest stories and pet news. You may want to think twice about politics and religion, as topics like these can be divisive. Remember, you are trying to form a community here.

Form your team of editors

Now that you have identified the main categories for your magazine, you should look for editors who will serve as the head of each pillar. Your editors should be credible and must have a network of writers-at-large who can create impressive articles. However, no one is stopping you from hiring young and green editors. Just make sure that they have a good writing portfolio and that they exhibit leadership skills.

Plan the marketing strategy

You are trying to reach a large group of people here, so you must make sure that your marketing strategy can actually accommodate it. And because you are doing it online, you’ve got to have the best practices. Time-tested techniques include SEO services in Sydney, reputation management, guest blogging, partnerships, PR, and influencer marketing.

Be visible on social

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Because you are online, you must make sure that your presence is felt. To bring people to your online magazine, you must build social pages with a relatable persona. Post engaging content and don’t forget to link your post to certain pages and articles on your online magazine.

An online lifestyle magazine is one of the most viable business ideas out there. It hinges on the truth that people will always consume quality content. And as long as there are content readers, the need for online publications will always be there. Now, it is just a matter of finding the right team and identifying interesting stories. A smart marketing technique will also provide you with a lot of help.

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