Strategies You Can Try to Attract More Listeners to Your Podcast

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An inevitable fact in the podcast show industry is that the success of your show depends primarily on the number of your listeners. If you want your show to grow and expand, you need the support of your podcast listeners. But how can you do this if you’re barely getting traffic on your shows?

Before you can think of growing your podcast, you first need to drive more listeners to your show. You can do this by employing SEO strategies, networking strategies, and improving your content to entice listeners to stay and listen to your shows regularly.

To help you drive more traffic to your website, you can either consult the help of an SEO company in your locality or follow these strategies and apply them yourself.

Strategies in Driving Traffic to Your Podcast

Currently, research reveals there are over 750,000 podcasts out there. Research further reveals that 51 percent of the country’s total population has listened to a podcast. This number indicates that there is certainly a suitable market for podcast listeners if more than half of the population has tried listening to one.

Tap into this market by optimizing your content, making your website visible to your target market on search engines, and networking to promote your podcast and create widespread brand awareness.

Maximize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is useful to any kind of website, whether you’re offering podcasts or an e-commerce site. Maximizing SEO ensures people are seeing your website and ranking your content on search engines like Google and Bing.

Apply SEO techniques on your website to increase its ranking and help with brand awareness. The first thing you need to do is have your website reviewed by an expert. Is your website uncluttered and easy to navigate? Is the design promoting ease of use? Your website design should be simple and functional.

People prefer navigating websites that are easy to use; the chances of them staying longer on your site and looking over your content is higher if your web design and layout is simple. This is because consumers online want convenience above else. Anything that requires effort is a red flag.

Optimize your podcast content

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Now that you’ve applied the concept of SEO on your website, all you need to do is deliver the great content that you’ve promised your listeners. Aside from providing quality content that they can use and learn from, you should also take notice of its technical aspects.

You should use microphones that catch your voice clearly and who’s audio remain clear even once you’ve edited it and uploaded it to your site. A clear, crisp audio is a lot more pleasant to hear than a scratchy audio with voices that fade in and out.

Another way you can increase your podcast listeners is by having other, more popular podcast hosts appear in your show. You can ride on the popularity of these other podcasts hosts; their appearance in your podcast adding credibility to your site and content.

Networking both online and offline

Networking, which is an old style of advertising your show to others, still works to this day. You can spread the word offline, through word of mouth, and alert your other contacts in the industry of your podcast and the shows that you’re doing.

Another way you can advertise your show is through digital advertising. You can pay digital marketers to put up social media posts and banner ads for you online to help increase your brand awareness and visibility. Your target market, people interested in the content of your podcast, can see advertisements of your content online, which will help drive traffic into your site.

Attract more listeners to your podcasts through adapting SEO strategies to drive more traffic to your site, improving the quality of your content, seeking the help of a popular figure, and networking your show through offline and online means. The podcast market is huge; tap into it through increasing visibility and dedicated listeners.

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