How to Prepare for Signing a Bail Bond

bail bond concept
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Sometimes we find ourselves in unexpected situations wherein we may need to bail out ourselves, a member of our family, or a friend. The price of bail is often set very high and unaffordable for many to pay at once. That is when you may need to get a bail bond, which is a guarantee of you following the judicial process in exchange for a company paying for your bail. In North Carolina, bail bonds are legal and possible to obtain from third-party companies. These are some things that you should consider if you are going to get a bail bond in Concord.

1. What are the advantages for you?

It is a terrible experience for anyone to be stuck inside a jail. A bail bond allows you to spend your day out of jail until you have to attend your trial. This is not only emotionally better for you, but it will also help you plan out your defense better as you will be able to meet with your lawyer frequently, carry out research, and get multiple opinions. It will allow you to resume your normal life and spend time with your family as well.

2. What responsibilities will you have?

man signing a documentAs the defendant, it will be your responsibility to attend all the court hearings and follow due process. If you miss court hearings, you or your indemnitor for the bail bond will have to pay extra fees. This will also mean avoiding any further violations of the law. If you are to be arrested or found breaking the law, you will be sent back to jail, and your bail bond will become void. You will also not be able to leave North Carolina without permission if you are on bail. You must inform the bail bondsman before you leave. If you have disappeared, your indemnitor might have to pay the full collateral. You must keep your bail bondsman up to date, especially about changes in your life such as employment.

3. What about collateral?

When you avail yourself of a bail bond, you will have to provide something as collateral. The average price of bail bonds posted across the country is roughly $10,000. The bail bondsman will charge you a premium that is nonrefundable in exchange for the service of paying your bail. This premium in North Carolina cannot exceed more than 15% of the bail price. Some of the items you will be able to use as collateral for your bail bond are vehicles, real estate, jewelry, and savings. According to North Carolina law, you are entitled to getting your collateral back within 72 hours after the termination of your bail’s obligations.

The most important thing for you to have to get a bail bond is a state or government issued ID. You will have to provide a permanent address where the bill bondsman can reach you. You will also need to have a cosigner and a third-party witness. You will need to have enough money to pay the premium, along with a small amount in other processing fees.

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