Starting Your Airbnb Business and Its Advantages

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Airbnb is a platform designed to help travelers find the right accommodation in their preferred location. But for many entrepreneurs, it is more than just an online marketplace. Here’s how you can turn it into a profitable business.

What is Rental Arbitrage?

This refers to the process of renting a property in the short-term to make a profit out of it. In reference with Airbnb, an investor can rent a room or house, and register it on Airbnb, then collect the difference.

To determine your profit, you need to know how to find out the Airbnb occupancy rates. Put it simply as the number of days your rental property will be occupied by guests annually. The factors to identify are the number of booked nights and number of available nights.

The former is simply the actual number of days your rental property has been rented, while the latter is the number of days the property is made available within the year. As an investor, you wouldn’t want your property to be vacant. Otherwise, you will lose a significant amount of money.

Is this legal? Absolutely! The fact is, this has been a business practice, which stems from real estate. You only need to inform the landlord about your intention. Some are open to it, while others dislike the idea. Just find one whom you can negotiate with.

How to Get Started with Airbnb Business?

Register your rental property

Provide the property description which may include the location, price, availability, number of rooms, and amenities. Don’t forget to include photos so travelers can view the accommodation, allowing them to know if it’s the right fit for them. Lastly, indicate your contact number for the interested travelers to get in touch before they book the room.


This may include building an acceptable identification to your property or community to earn valuable feedback. You may enable a review section on your page, allowing people to comment. An excellent review could mean more trust and customers. As we all know, reviews and testimonials have a significant impact on sales and marketing today.

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Payment method

Ensure that you can provide a secure payment platform for your guests. If you have a website, it’s recommended to use HTTPS to encrypt personal information such as username and password. Data and identity theft remain to be a threat to online transactions worldwide. It’s best to take caution at all times.


It’s pretty straightforward; you need to provide a key card to give your guests access to their room, and other amenities, if need be. Upon check out, the guests must surrender them.

Why Invest in Airbnb Business?

The fact is, Airbnb is outperforming hotels nowadays. Here are some reasons why more travelers prefer Airbnb.

Cost. Airbnb rates are lower than those of hotels. Some studies show that hotel rates are $16 higher. Let’s face it, guests are always after excellent service and comfort, but fees and prices are major factors, too. They are likely to go for an option that provides both at an affordable price such as Airbnb.

Longer stay. Statistics show that Airbnb guests stay longer than typical hotel visitors. Indeed, Airbnb offers a more flexible duration. Guests can stay there long-term, ranging from weeks to months, depending on their agreement with the landlord.

Privacy. Airbnb guests can enjoy privacy, because it’s not full of staff members, unlike hotels. Though an on-call housekeeping staff may provide room service from time to time.

Diversity: Airbnb isn’t limited to rooms and houses. You can choose from a variety of accommodations such as yachts, cabins, castles, and mobile homes! Go for the one that best suits your adventure.

Feel at home. Airbnb can make you feel at home anywhere you go. You can stay in a house, compared to a typical hotel room. The place provides more livable spots including an outdoor space, kitchen, and swimming pool. You can cook your own meal anytime you want.

More space for friends and families. Do you love traveling in groups? Airbnb offers an entire house which is ideal for a large group of people that you can rent at an affordable price. This is more practical than renting multiple hotel rooms, particularly if you plan to stay long.

Should you decide to start your Airbnb business, please refer to the Airbnb legal and regulatory issues and responsible hosting guidelines. Through it, you’d know the rules and legal responsibilities associated with the business. With a better understanding of how Airbnb works, you can generate revenue without having to buy any property.

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