Optimizing Your Social Media Pages for Marketing: How to Use Facebook or Instagram to Grow Your Business

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms have become essential for any business to thrive in the current market. If your business is not online, it might as well not exist.

Consumers are using social media platforms not only to search for products and services to acquire, but to vet whether the business can be trusted or not.

It is important, therefore, for businesses to make a good impression online by taking good care of what goes into their social media profiles. By following the tips below, you can tap into the power of social media to gain new customers and create a loyal following.

Good Content is King

The first and most important step is to create compelling, high-quality content for your followers. No amount of optimization would convince potential consumers to engage with a business that posts bad photos and videos.

It might be worth investing in professional e-commerce photography. Let an expert create beautiful images of your product that you can post on your website and social media pages.

If you do not have the budget for a photographer, you can still take photos and videos you can use for online marketing. As much as possible, shoot during the day. Natural lighting is more flattering than any professional equipment. If it is really dark, ask a friend or an employee to hold a smartphone flashlight toward the product and start snapping. Make sure that there is no clutter in the background that will ruin the shot.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

It is easy for social media users to find accounts to follow. On Instagram and Twitter, you can use hashtags to reach potential consumers.

You can use as many hashtags as you want, just make sure that each one is relevant to your business or the product you are trying to advertise. Otherwise, you will be spamming and annoy users.

If you do not want to show your hashtags, do what others do: hide it with dots or add it as a comment.

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Fix Your Bio

Your bio is one of the first things that potential consumers check. Make sure that, if they are interested, they can find contact information, a link to your webstore, and other relevant details on your bio.

Your bio should be short and concise. You must be able to tell who you are, what you sell, and what kind of service you want to provide customers.

Be Consistent

Instagram, as well as other social media platforms, reward accounts that post regularly. You do not have to post an image every day, but you have to develop a schedule that works for you and follow through.

Wondering what time you should publish content on social media? It largely depends on your audience, but The Sprout says that on, Instagram, posting on Wednesday at 11 a.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. would get you the most attention.

You should also take advantage of the platform’s other features, such as the disappearing Stories and IGTV on Instagram, to push more content and encourage engagement. Just do not leave your social media profiles barren for a really long time.

Social media is an effective marketing tool. Major platforms have billions of users which means that your consumers are, most likely, there. Moreover, joining is free. As long as you know how to utilize its influence, you will be able to wield it and produce meaningful growth for your business.

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