Don’t Let Them Notice: Non-intrusive Modern Marketing

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Advertisements are a fact of life, but not everyone likes seeing them. With all the various channels in which people can be exposed to ads, it can irritate many of them. This can affect how people feel about a particular company. Fortunately, modern marketing methods have given companies a way to market their products without offending or irritating customers.

Content-based Marketing

One of the oldest and most effective types of non-intrusive marketing is content marketing. Companies create content that people would be interested in, whether short articles, videos, or even infographics. They then insert themselves in a way that feels natural. For example, if an article is about taking care of pets, a pet food company would mention their product in a couple of lines among the pet care tips. Customers won’t notice it if the content is good enough. But creating good content can be a challenge.

This is where professional content marketing services can help since they have been in the business for some time and can create content that is very engaging and has subtle advertising. They also have contacts with the right platforms so that the content can be distributed correctly.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the world’s biggest platforms for video, and this can allow advertising to reach millions of customers with minimal effort. According to YouTube, it has over two billion users, while additional research shows that more than fifty percent of these users visit the site daily. That is a lot of potential exposure available to companies. While most companies advertise on it with the usual ads, smart users often have an ad blocker ready.

But YouTube is also the perfect platform to create a channel for your business. Work with video companies to produce short videos of your products or introduce your industry. A viral video hit can ensure that your products and services get maximum exposure without forcing anyone to watch your ads.

Gaining Actual Advocates

When happy customers recommend your products, others will be happy about it. This is a nice way to advertise your company and should be automatic. But to encourage customers to become advocates for your business, you need to be impressive in terms of what you are offering.

For one, you need to have a really good product or service. If your customers feel they can get the same thing somewhere else, they won’t say anything about your product. Add more value to it by providing great customer support and after-care. If you provide a service, having your employees be as nice and accommodating as possible will be a sure way to get return business and great recommendations.

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Personalized Ads

People find advertisements irritating when they are not interested in them. But if someone is interested in a particular item, they likely will be looking for similar ones. It isn’t felt to be intrusive but helpful. There are several ways to do this, but one of the best methods is paid search advertising. This is done by working with a search engine so that an ad for your business appears when a person is searching for something.

For example, you are a housing contractor. With the right coordination with search engines, an advertisement for your company can appear when someone in your region is searching online for house repairs. For those who need a quick fix, your ad appearing can be very welcome.

Working With Influencers

Customers listen to those that they look up to. In today’s modern society, becoming a minor celebrity should be enough to get an audience that listens to what they have to say. For example, an influencer showcasing a particular product can easily get thousands of customers to buy a product or service. Some glowing words from them can greatly boost your profits.

Coordinating with influencers can be challenging since they tend to be free-spirited, but you can arrange for exposure via sponsorship deals and the like. Depending on what platforms they use, you can request a certain amount of visibility. For example, you can ask them to insert mentions of your product in their YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and being subtle about it is a good policy. People don’t like it when a company is too aggressive with its marketing. They can appreciate it better if it is done properly and doesn’t force itself on them. The marketing techniques above should help companies pursue their marketing objectives without angering potential customers while also getting the right amount of attention. It takes a bit of effort and creativity, but the results can be encouraging.

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