Eco-friendly: a Revolution for the Future

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The recent Siberian wildfire was another writing on the wall. It is another hint of how perilously close we are to destroying our own home. We should heed the numerous warnings before we cause further damage. With the tide of environmentally-friendly reforms coming our way, a lifestyle change should not be that difficult. We need the discipline to go through with it.

It is not only our lives that are at stake here. But the future of our children is also at risk. We cannot afford to drop the ball. We must make the deliberate change for our sake and the future generation.


Considering what is at stake here, we must make changes in every aspect of our lives. These include the accessories that we wear, from synthetic diamond rings to classy hip-hop pendants. If you made the conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly, you would know if they came from a sustainable source.

Gold mining is one of the most destructive industries in the world. Earthworks calculated that gold mines produce 20 tons of waste to create one gold ring. This fact is horrifying enough. But their estimate does not include other issues caused by this activity.

One terrifying result of mining is child labor. Even now, children still work for small mining operations. The community also must deal with water and air contamination. At the very least, the waste contains mercury and cyanide.

The devastation brought about by gold mining may already put you off from buying gold accessories and other pieces of jewelry. But in recent years, people started a movement to acquire gold from a sustainable source. Others are also pushing for lab-grown diamonds. These two options will help you remain fashionable without harming Mother Nature.


Most of us are ignorant of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Business Insider pointed out in a 2019 article that this business contributes 10% to the total carbon emissions. Seemingly innocent processes such as clothes dyeing are killing Mother Nature. What is even more heartbreaking is that most of our clothes end up in the landfill.

Let us take a closer look at clothes dyeing. Many environmentalists now blame this activity for killing many rivers. They documented that clothes manufacturers merely dump their waste directly to the nearest body of water.


We might think that using naturally sourced fabrics is a safe bet. But they can also be harmful. Let us take conventional cotton farming. Considering that it is a popular crop, most farmers want to get as much yield as they can get. As tradition dictates, they would use pesticides and fertilizers to achieve this.

These harmful chemicals pollute both soil and water reserved. They also pose health risks to the farmers. Scientists now blame these toxins on the increase of fetal malformations and cancer. These synthetic fertilizers also release nitrous oxide, which is more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

These facts should teach us to be more discriminating in our choices. Natural fibers do not necessarily mean that they are environmentally friendly. Before we go shopping, let us learn more about a brand’s practices before buying from them.


Cars were factors in the economic growth of America. One of our industrial leaders even revolutionized the assembly line. But sadly, together with the financial prosperity, it also accelerated the production and release of greenhouse gases. Even before the start of its useful life, the automobile already causes devastating environmental issues.

We use steel, rubber, plastic, and other non-biodegradable materials when we create a car. According to a scientist, one car can produce several tons of waste and toxic air. Once it is on the road, environmentalists estimate that it emits several metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly.

We cannot discount the value of cars to the growth and modernization of America. It is one of the enduring symbols of our nation. Although we should preserve this legacy, we must transform it to fit our needs. With this said, brilliant minds have created hybrid cars. These vehicles produce less carbon footprint compared to the conventional automobile.

Some of us shifted to a more radical change to answer the pleas of Mother Nature. We see more people use their bicycles to move from one place to another. It is not only environmentally friendly. But it will allow you to incorporate physical activity in your life.

One of the good things about the pandemic is that it has significantly lessened carbon emissions. But with the easing of government mandates, we might revert to our ways. We have so much at stake here. If we do not move now, we will lose our planet and our children’s future.

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