Making a Connection in Times of Division

Friends having lunch together
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Never has political and societal divisions reached the levels it has now. President Trump’s win, for instance, has divided progressives and conservatives, men and women, and people of every color. Finding someone you connect with can easily become a flash in the pan when you finally talk about politics and social issues, but finding someone is still possible.

Let Algorithms Guide You

No need to post “If you’re republican swipe left.” or “If you’re democrat swipe left.” on your dating profile because online dating apps with artificial intelligence (AI) can make algorithms to match you with a compatible person. Just program the AI with what you like and what you’re looking for and it will search for a suitable partner who shares your views and values.

No more sudden surprises at the dinner table when your date suddenly shows up with a MAGA hat or a hammer and sickle shirt. Politics and intersectionality have divided the country to levels unheard of and relying on just chance might not be enough to find a compatible partner.

AI-powered dating apps can filter all the “crazies” on both sides of the political spectrum and leave you with people who mostly agree with you and won’t get “triggered” by your actions and views.

Date among Your Peers

Who would have thought that protest marches would become the best places to find people with like minds? You have it good if you’re a moderate who’s neutral about politics, but people from opposite ends of the political spectrum aren’t likely to click or even be friends.

The rage, vitriol, and intolerance — surprisingly of progressives — has made dating between the two parties almost impossible. Hangout with people you know and run the moment you see signs of absurd intolerance. Seek places where like minds gather and not just the cliché country music bar or hipster coffee shop. Whenever you do go out, wearing identifying clothing can help trigger the hostiles and you’ll instantly notice who not to approach.

Keep an Open Mind

Woman talking to a friend while eatingNot all Republicans are racist misogynist homophobes and not every Democrat is an intolerant intersectional socialist — in fact, probably 98% of them aren’t. It’s a sad world when half the population thinks the other side is evil, while the other half thinks the other side is stupid.

Surprisingly, conservatives are more likely to listen while liberals won’t even entertain opposing opinions. Most Republicans aren’t against gay marriage. They aren’t racist or against equality — just don’t tell them they’re evil. Most Democrats don’t agree with mob rule or repressing freedom of speech — just don’t call them NPCs controlled by mainstream media. Sometimes, an open mind can work miracles, but it takes two to make it work, and that can be difficult.

The great political divide is upon us and “opposites attract” is now a saying lost in happier times of the past decades. Whether you choose to screen your dates with AI, seek like-minded peers, or keep an open mind and hope for the best, finding someone to connect with just became a little bit more difficult.

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