How to Create a Profitable Online Presence

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You’ll have a hard time growing your business if you remain a faceless entity on the Internet. Gleaning from search engine optimization experts in Utah, you need to go beyond having a website and social media page to conquer the online market. You need to find ways to engage your target audience at a deeper level to generate sales.

People need to feel a connection with your business or brand before they can part with their hard-earned dollars. You also need to persuade them that you’re better than the other players on the market.

Tell a Compelling Story

You’ve probably heard of brand storytelling. If you haven’t made it a part of your business strategy, then it’s high time you did. Brand storytelling is the weaving together of facts and emotions that your brand evokes into a cohesive narrative. In this narrative, you share the story behind the brand, the reason for its existence, and how it aims to improve the lives of your customers.

Facts and figures are quickly forgotten but not when presented in the form of a compelling story. A touching tale will transport and simplify information while provoking an emotional response. Therefore, your brand story should give insights into the challenges you’ve overcome and the successes you’ve had. The best part of such an approach is that this story is unique to your brand and no one else can use it, too.

Flaunt Your Success Stories

Happy businessman talking on the phonePeople hate parting with their hard-earned money unless they feel they are getting something valuable in return. That means you need to go beyond focusing on just selling your products to providing solutions. Naturally, consumers will mistrust everything you say about your product. After all, you’re trying to score a sale.

To sidestep this problem, you can get some of your clients to voice this message to you. For example, client testimonials and success stories will pull more heartstrings than any marketing message. In other words, success stories and testimonials give a comprehensive answer to your clients’ questions.

Seek Feedback

Now, not everyone will swoon over or fall in love with your products or services. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from actively asking for feedback. You need to learn what your target market thinks of your brand. Also, you need to know what they love, dislike, and hate about your brand and service.

You can then use the feedback to address the issues that crop up. You cash in on your strong points and work on improving your shortcomings. Best of all, you get rare insights into the needs and expectations of your clients, which lets you refine your products and service delivery.

In the end, while the popularity of shopping holds great promises for companies selling over the Internet, it’s not a walk in the park. You need to go beyond establishing an online presence to thrive in the space. To be more specific, you need to get creative to connect with your target market to turn them into loyal customers.

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