Improve Your Hotel’s Image by Improving Its Curb Appeal

Hotel building
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As a hotel owner, your main job is to ensure that guests keep coming back to occupy your rooms. For most people, it is just working on the interior parts of the hotel. However, the exterior is also important. A hotel’s curb appeal is what attracts visitors to drop or book accommodation.

Here are a few tips on how you can help improve your hotel’s curb appeal.

Go Green

There are many providers of commercial landscaping services in Lawrenceville and other urban areas who would be willing to help you out when it comes to improving your property’s curb appeal. People like to look at the greenery. Having a well-manicured lawn and welcoming hedges is a big help in that department.

Professional landscapers ensure that your lawn looks great. They also help maintain the quality of the greenery. You will not like it if your great-looking lawn becomes brown and overgrown.

Accessible Parking Lot and Driveway

When people arrive at your hotel, they will want to be delivered directly to your lobby via the driveway or they are arriving with their own car. Having a smooth and accessible driveway ensures that guests aren’t frustrated with your hotel and allows for smooth arrivals and departures. There should be no cracks in the pavement and everything should look smart and neat.

The same thing goes for your parking lot. Pay attention to the pavement and ensure that signage and areas designated for parking are properly indicated. This will ensure that your guests will arrive with no problems and would be in a better mood when they check in and check out.

The Facade and the Entrance

The exterior look of the building is very important. When people arrive at your hotel, this is what they will be greeted with. You’ll want to present a frontage that is in good condition, with everything from paint to your sign being good looking. You don’t want to have a hotel that has a broken light on their sign. You also want an entrance that is welcoming and gives visitors a sense that they will be having a good time during their stay. Work with designers to get that amazing look you’re hoping for.

Keep the Lights on

Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your facade is always clearly lit during the night. Proper lighting with LED lights can do wonders to emphasize the look of your hotel. You want to show that your hotel is the type of shelter against the outside world and proper and bright lighting can do a lot for you in that area.

Pools and Patios

Man cleaning patio

Another part of the exterior that you might want to work on is the pool and patio area. Make sure it looks bright and beautiful, with a focus on the safety and convenience of your guests.

The best way to ensure that guests keep arriving at your hotel is to make it look good on the outside and the inside. With the tips above, you should be able to achieve that.

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