Digital Marketing 101: How SEO Actually Benefits Your Business

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In the digital world, traditional marketing strategies are starting to lose their vigor. That’s because the methods of attracting an audience used in traditional marketing were created for traditional mediums. This can include newspaper ads, billboards, flyers, and other print materials disseminated to the public.

However, the world of digital marketing functions differently from that of the traditional. While it’s true that the basic concept of marketing—which is to send the right messages to the right people—still stands, the mediums wherein these messages are sent have adapted to the times.

This is because the consumers have transitioned into the digital landscape. They’re connected to the worldwide web via their smartphones, laptops, and tablets, which means they’re basically online 24/7. And if the consumers prefer digital to traditional, it’s only right for the businesses to follow suit.

As a business owner, you have to acknowledge that the times are changing. Instead of ad placements in newspapers, you need to create ads on social media platforms. And instead of lengthy articles in magazines, you need to create engaging content as blog posts on your official business website.

But because there are thousands of businesses all vying for the attention of the same markets you’re targeting, you have to use more ingenious strategies. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) and all the other digital marketing strategies come in. Here’s how using these strategies can benefit your business:

Strengthens Your Online Presence

Imagine that you’re in the biggest mall in the world and there are hundreds of shops inside it. You’re not looking for a specific shop or product, but you want to buy something you can bring back home to your family. This could be anything — food, clothing, accessories, snacks, or random trinkets.

If you had a map of the mall where all the stores are listed, you can easily pick out what stores to check out. But since it’s your first time there, you’re clueless and possibly tired from all the walking, you’ll only have enough energy to go to a store near you. Now imagine this scenario in the digital setting.

The world wide web is home to thousands upon thousands of websites created by different companies like you who are calling the attention of the people online. But since there are so many websites to choose from on the results page, the practical option would be to go to the first site shown. Or at least, any of the results on the first page.

Doing SEO allows you to increase your rankings on the search page so your target markets will be able to pinpoint you from the crowd. Since you’re optimizing all your digital content according to the rules of SEO, you can strengthen your online presence and work towards landing the top spot on the results page.

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Makes You More Visible to Your Target

If you do manage to be among the results on the first page or even claim the coveted top spot, then the possibility of your target market seeing your website increases. The more you become visible to your target, the more they will be encouraged to click on your link and listen to what you have to say.

However, that is easier said than done. That’s why most companies work with experts from their trusted SEO agency because optimizing for the search engine takes a lot of time. SEO is only one of the many strategies in digital marketing, there’s also pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and content marketing, to name a few.

SEO may be the ignition you need to light the fuse of your success, but to keep the fire going, you have to juggle several digital marketing strategies in the process. A comprehensive marketing campaign will need to tackle SEO strategies while using PPC and other forms of advertising. It can also be supplemented by relevant and engaging content for the audience.

Generates Leads and Potential Sales

After your business becomes more visible to a wider audience, your exposure can potentially generate leads. If your target market clicks on the link to your website, you’re going to see online traffic and traction, which means that your strategies are working. But the goal is to reel them in after they bite.

If your only goal is to disseminate information to the public and inspire a call to action, the road will end with your receiving traction. However, since your main goal is to generate a profit through sales, you have to make sure that the content they will see on your website is worth their money.

So, from having a good grasp on SEO strategies, your focus should move onto content marketing and how to create content that will add value to the lives of your audience. This is where you can get your creative juices flowing because content creation offers more room for personalization, unlike SEO.

You’ll receive far more benefits from doing SEO than from not doing SEO, especially since your audience are all in the virtual world. It may all be overwhelming at first, which means you need to give yourself room to grow and adapt. Sooner or later, you’ll get the hang of it and understand why SEO is such an important driver for your eventual success.

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