How Quality Videos Affect a Brand

quality video
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Many brands are using videos for advertisements because the market is engaged in social media apps, where countless videos in different categories are posted and spread daily. It’s not difficult to see why videos are immensely popular; it’s more interactive and visually pleasing than static images. A study done by Facebook IQ showed that out of 1,999 participants, 67% preferred watching videos.

Because of the video trend, many businesses owners decided to work with a corporate video production company to have videos posted on their websites. Telling a company’s story through an exceptionally-made video is an effective way to engage anyone who might be interested in your brand or products and services.

So, what does a video do to help a brand?

quality video

Video-ads help increase online sales

This statement is especially true for online fashion retailers. When brands advertise their clothing through detailed videos (how the clothes fit on different sizes and angles, fabric texture, and color), customers are less surprised when they see the item upon delivery. StyleShoots reveal that 57% of these customers are less likely to return a purchase.

In addition, 52% of customers are more confident in buying items advertised in a video, which could mean they are willing to spend more, which will generate more revenue for the brand.

Successful videos aren’t centered on selling

Online fashion retailers may not share the same sentiment, as this contrasts to their performance with videos, but to other brands, focusing their videos on something other than selling is proven more successful. Videos with hard selling content may annoy customers and prevent them from buying the advertised product.

Videos centered on the brand’s story and values pull more consumers instead of repelling them. Such video campaigns can successfully stir a need that some people don’t know they have. In the end, people will gain an interest in the brand, which will eventually lead to the brand making a successful sale.

quality video

Video quality affects a consumer’s perception of a brand

It’s not enough for brands to just publish a video without being considerate of its quality. According to Brightcove, 62% of consumers will perceive a brand negatively from a poorly made video, and 60% will not engage in the brand at all.

A quality video doesn’t have to be lengthy. If a brand could capture attention within the first 10 seconds of a video, then it is considered effective. Sparking the consumer’s curiosity should be a priority when making videos. Brands should be able to successfully convey their value through content that would keep consumers interested.

Building consumer trust can also be done through quality videos. A trusting consumer is more likely to buy a brand’s products repeatedly. When they become loyal customers, they could help spread awareness of the brand by expressing their love for it to different people.

A video telling a story that people can resonate with builds trust for the brand. Getting the consumers’ attention by tapping into their emotions is a powerful way to raise brand awareness and build trust, instead of being an intimidating and faceless brand with no connection to consumers.

Companies should always exert efforts that would make their brand reputable through video campaigns. Being consistent in publishing quality content that matches their values and spreads their story effectively will earn them a favorable standing in the highly competitive industry.

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