Home and Business Software: Through the Years

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Computers have been around for many decades now. It is used for many tasks, from letting a child create simple art pieces to having a WooCommerce developer build an online store with APIs that can attract many customers. It is the machine that exudes flexibility, which is why many are considering it one of the most significant inventions of our time. There are many programs out there that should be basic knowledge now, and some companies even list them as essential skills. Which brings us to the thought of having applications that are used both at home and within business organizations. You can look at these as a little historical piece, as these are tools that have been used in computing from the past to the present.


If you are in college or already working, you know how spreadsheets work. They are not just mere tables that you can fill with information or color. This is a program where you can do a host of complex calculations and even some beginner-level programming. You can do these in each cell, and you can branch out from there by referencing other cells, columns, rows, or even sheets. Your math skills will be exercised here, but it all becomes easy once you get the hang of it. Getting your spreadsheet skills up to the advanced level will make you very attractive to employers, as this is a program that has produced a lot of analyst-type professionals.


When you were a kid, you may remember using presentation software to create a simple cartoon. Then you grew up, and now you are seeing its merits as a tool that can cover a lot of ground. This can be very useful for training purposes. It is quite easy to add text and pictures and have a quick preview of how your presentation would look like. You can also hone your skills here on how to make compelling and interesting slides. The last thing you want to do is bore your audience, so this can be an essential training ground for you to avoid that.

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Tax and Accounting

If you hand over a spreadsheet program to capable hands, they most probably will be able to create something that can fulfill your tax and accounting needs. But not everyone is like that, so some of those at home and even businesses choose a dedicated tax or accounting software instead. These are designed to be easier to use by streamlining a lot of stuff. You mostly just need to fill up the sheets and you will be good to go. These programs can also help you make other business-related financial documents, like invoices and balance sheets.

Digital Signatures

Many people have begun to realize that working from home is viable, and you only need a decent computer and a fast internet connection. There is also the drive to have more paperless transactions. With all these in mind, you have to wonder how you can sign documents. The answer to that is digital signatures. They work by taking unique data from your system then encrypting it. Only your intended recipient has the key to decrypt that. There is a verification step along the way which can detect if the document is manipulated or not.

Rest assured, you will be able to sign contracts and other documents without worries when you do it digitally.

These are just some of the more commonly-used programs both at home and in businesses. It is advantageous for anyone to learn to use any of these. Companies find value in people who have advanced skills using these applications. So if you want to get far in your professional career, it is time for you to start learning.

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