Family Talk: Creativity Equals Growth

Child boy together with mother playing educational toys
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Parenthood is rewarding and fulfilling, but it also comes with many difficult and complicated responsibilities. Moreover, your duties as a parent don’t end with providing your child’s physiological needs. You must also be fully involved in sustaining their emotional needs and mental growth.

To make a child feel loved, it’s highly beneficial to engage in fun interactive activities as a family. This is especially vital if you have multiple children because teaching them the importance of cooperation and unity can foster sibling love.

Below, we have rounded up several fun ways to spend some bonding time with your family.

Have a fun photoshoot

Photos are wonderful mementos that capture and preserve loving moments. It’s also nice to have family photos taken while your children are still young so you can reminisce about the old days together in the future.

Go to a nearby photography studio in London and have a family portrait taken. For an added adorable touch, wear cute coordinating outfits. It’s also good to consider your home décor, as the portrait should not clash with any fixtures or colour theme of your interior design.

Use some copies to make scrapbooks with your kids or create greeting cards for relatives and loved ones. In this digital age, people turn to social media more often, which is why it’s good to exert efforts in teaching your children about the importance of handmade crafts.

Plant and maintain a home garden

It’s important to expose kids to nature at an early age, as this will enhance their respect and appreciation for the environment. Gardening, for instance, is a good way to share lessons to them in topics such as science and nutrition.

You can teach biology by encouraging them to keep a journal of plants, with descriptions like their scientific names and physical characteristics. Furthermore, planting activities like cleaning and digging can build their endurance and promote values such as patience and industriousness.

Gardening also helps in instilling a healthy lifestyle in young children because they will certainly look forward to harvesting and eating the vegetables that they grew themselves. You can even let them assist in cooking your produce.

Write stories together

Reading stories to children before bedtime offers advantages such as strengthening their memory, enhancing their quality of sleep, and of course, nurturing a close parent-child relationship.

Moreover, if you create stories together, they’ll be more engaged and challenged. Brainstorm with them and think up of different characters. Let them take the lead, especially when it comes to the appearances and names of their characters. Then, help them construct a simple plot. Remember that it doesn’t have to be polished, especially if your children are quite young. The goal here is to hone their abilities to connect details and productively use their imagination and creativity.

Visit family attractions

A girl holding a pencil with several writing materials

Of course, a family trip is always a good idea. Explore different family-friendly attractions with your kids. If you live near London, for instance, consider popular destinations like the London Eye, Hampton Court Palace, the Science Museum, or Madame Tussauds.

Make the trip more of a family affair by asking each of your children to contribute trivia and information about the places you’ll visit. Assign specific destinations to each of them prior to the date of the trip. Then, you can all act as tour guides and share bits and pieces of history.

Spending substantial quality time with your family allows you to nurture close relationships while making sure that your children’s needs for affection are met adequately. Remember, as a parent, you will be their first teacher, which is why you must guide them properly and hone them to become capable members of the community in the future.


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