Essentials of Planning a Ski Vacation with the Family

Three people skiing
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Whether you’re a travel-savvy mom or a newbie at family travels, a ski adventure vacation with the kids is a truly overwhelming task. There are many things that must be considered, but the truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect ski trip.

As a parent, you just do your best when checking out important aspects of your ski vacation plan.

Choosing a Location

Wherever you travel, location always matters most. Make sure that your target ski resort has the three A’s — accessibility, atmosphere, and activities. Go for a resort with slope-side accommodations as it will mean less lugging of your gears and better skiing experience.

There should also be other activities apart from skiing, such as ice skating, snow tubing, indoor play areas to keep kids entertained when they get tired. You will also want an atmosphere which fun but appropriate for your kids. Plan and research about the resort to avoid disappointments and frustrations.

There are certain resorts with age restrictions; some offer all-in accommodations, ski lessons, and activities. Know if the resort has beginner slopes where kids and toddlers can learn to ski safely and away from the crowd. There are also resorts that offer tours for their guest to enjoy.

List of Things to Bring

When traveling with the whole gang, it is a must to make a packing list and use it. If you can, source your items locally for good deals on clothing such as kids ski jacket or a pair of mittens from Obermeyer.

These items cost premium when you buy them from the resort. Make sure to wait for website sales or special promos so you can get the items at a discount.

Ski School

For families new to skiing, it is a good idea to get ski lessons before heading out to a ski resort vacation. Most kids learn better from teachers than parents, and they will have a better time during their ski vacation when they already know the basics.

Complete their ski clothing and gears to keep them warm while out in the snow. It is also a good idea to choose ski clothing that is different from the rest so that you can easily pick out your kid from the crowd.

Altitude Sickness

Families with kids skiing at higher altitudes for the first time should prepare for altitude sickness. Air at this height is thinner, and if you are not used to it, you and your kids may experience lightheadedness and nausea. Try to drink plenty of water days before the trip, bring painkillers, eat lighter meals, and take it easy on the first day of your mountain resort vacation.

The right gears

Two skiiers watch the departure

Having a well-fitting pair of ski boots will make or break your adventure on the slopes. So, make it a point to find good fitting equipment and gears to make your vacation truly memorable and enjoyable.

Some might opt out packing ski gear and choose to rent, but with children, it might not be a good idea considering the potential pain and discomfort they may experience with ill-fitting boots and gear.

These are just a few tips to help families prepare for the ski vacation of their lives. It is an exciting time for kids to experience playing on the snow and to learn skiing at their young age. Just do your best to prepare, plan, and research for everything you need.

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