Crafty and Creative Ways to Market Your Craft Beer

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manager showing reports on the screenMicrobrewing or craft brewing isn’t exactly new, but in this age of factory-made beer and alcoholic products, people are searching for something more unique, which is why the microbrewery business has been booming as of late. As such, it’s important for you to take note of these marketing reminders to help better promote your craft beer:

Bank on Novelty and Uniqueness

What makes your beer unique? Is it the style? The flavors? Where it’s brewed, or which community brews it? Is it the quirky bottle design? There are hundreds of craft beer brewers out there and you should focus your marketing and promotional efforts and ideas to what sets you from the rest. Many breweries claim that they have the best quality beer, so while it’s important that you’re able to craft quality beer, it’s just as important to figure out or develop a way that makes you distinctive. You can market on the fact that your small brewery is the first in your area or that it’s won multiple craft beer contests, or that you use certain ingredients that other breweries simply don’t have. So sit down, and brainstorm — your unique selling point may just be right under your noses.

Build Partnerships with Your Community

One way to build loyalty, as well as creating a unique selling point, is to partner with your local community. “Partnership” could be done in a number of ways, from only sourcing your ingredients locally, to hiring members of the community, to donating part of the proceeds of your products to the local shelter or other non-profit organization. Partnering with your local community can make the local market patronize your products, and you can market your products to show that it supports your local community. You can also partner with local bars in your area by providing them with discounts when purchasing your beer at wholesale.

Focus on Consistency and Quality

team having a meetingMarketing and promotions help you gain new customers, to have potential consumers become curious enough to try out your craft brewery’s products. However, all your efforts would be for naught if you can’t deliver good quality and consistency. Focusing on marketing can rake in new customers, focusing on good quality makes them loyal. So make sure that you always quality-check your products, and choose a reliable supplier for your ingredients. If you’re producing fruit-flavored craft beer, make sure that your aseptic fruit puree supplier can also provide consistent quality and quantity.

Invest in Branding and Logo

You should never underestimate the value of aesthetics when it comes to your products. In a shelf filled with craft beer, the best way to stand out is with a good design. So hire a graphic artist to create a good logo or label design for your craft beer. In fact, you can even design it in a way that people wouldn’t only want to buy it, but collect it — there are indeed many craft beer collectors out there, and you’d definitely want to add your product in their shelves.

Online Marketing is Key

Having an online presence can be quite a huge factor for customers or even bars to purchase your craft beer. As such, it’s important that your brewery has its own website, showcasing your products as well as what makes you unique. You can even individually describe the flavor profile or what makes each of your craft brews unique, so your customers can better pick which one they’d like or help them understand and appreciate the nuances in flavors a bit more.


More and more people are getting into craft beer, which is why more microbreweries startup. As such, it’s important for you to invest just as much effort and time into marketing your craft beer as it is to consistently making high-quality products. If you’re having trouble doing the marketing side, you can always hire a marketing agency to help you out.

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