Cool Convention Souvenirs That Attendees Will Actually Use

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If your business has participated in a convention before, you know that aside from planning your booth and presentation, the other important thing is thinking about what convention souvenirs to give away to the participants. This little trinket will be all that is left with the participants after you make your pitch. Long after the convention has finished and the presentations are done, your convention souvenir will be a reminder.

Fortunately, thanks to 3D printing products, you can now create almost anything with your company’s name on it in a short amount of time. Want a cup holder? How about a replica of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of the Liberty?  You name it, and 3D printers can create them for you.

But before you dive into ideas of what you want 3D printers to create in front of you, here are some cool convention souvenirs that the attendees will most likely use and hopefully, remember your company with:


Believe it or not, even in this age of rapid digital development, people are still jotting down notes on pieces of paper lying around their computer. Give them a notebook that they can place right beside their laptops, so they don’t forget to take note of whatever it is that comes into their minds. Make sure that your company’s logo and the name appears on every page of the notebook, so the user won’t forget which company gave the notebook away.

Mobile Phone Ring Holder

It may sound trivial, but people love getting accessories for their mobile phones, especially ones that will help them hold the phone or tablet better. A mobile phone ring holder is made either of plastic or aluminum that the phone user puts his/her finger into. This will keep the phone safe in place and will prevent it from dropping to the ground. Your logo should be visible so that other people can see it, too.

Windshield Cover

This is an expensive convention giveaway, so make sure you’re giving this away to people who have cars and who have the potential of contacting you in the future. Windshield covers are exceedingly useful for many convention attendees. It is particularly useful if you live in cities that get extremely hot and your participants would need to cover their cars’ windshield, so the sun’s rays won’t damage the interior.



Not all companies give away apparel items as conference souvenir, but shirts as souvenirs are popular for a reason. No matter who you’re giving it away to, they will take a second to give before giving it away to someone else. They will definitely not throw it away. Most of these shirts are used as house clothes. Rarely will anyone use it outside the house but it’s okay because your purpose is to be remembered by the wearer and not for him/her to be a walking advertisement for your company.

There are many convention souvenirs you can look into if you want your business to make waves when it participates in an exhibitor seminar or exposition. What you must never forget is to include the logo of your brand, your company’s name, and the company’s contact information on whatever souvenir you’re planning. These are all important in the promotion of your brand via the souvenirs.

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