Boost Your Productivity as Freelancer in 4 Ways

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Being a freelancer is tough. Various temptations take your attention away from your task. This result in less job done, which means less income for you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the tips below, you’re bound to get more job done. From simply creating a schedule, taking rest in between, eliminating distractions, and finding an excellent spot to work, you can increase your productivity significantly.

Work with a schedule

Working as a freelancer doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow a schedule anymore. Sure, you get to work when and where you want, but this thinking can get less job done. In your situation, you need to finish more task to earn more since you don’t have a stable income.

The best thing about working as a freelancer is that you are not bound to work from 9 AM to 5 AM daily. You can set your schedule where your productivity is at its peak. Take advantage of it, create your timetable, and stick with it. When doing your schedule, don’t forget to create a checklist and set activity goals to make the most of your time.

Have frequent breaks

Breaks are essential to avoid feeling overworked, which can result in a burnout. However, having breaks that are too long can cause you to lose your focus. Thus, short breaks still work best to maximise productivity when working at home.

One efficient way to incorporate breaks in your work time is through the Pomodoro Technique. In this technique, you work for 25 minutes without any distractions. Then, you rest for five minutes. After four sessions, you get to have a longer break, say, 30 minutes before resuming work.

The psychology behind the Pomodoro Technique is single-mindedness. Because you are working on a timed schedule, you get to focus for 25 minutes, eliminating distractions in the process. After four sessions, you get to do what you want to do.

Eliminate distractions

When you work at home, you get to save yourself from office gossips, noisy co-workers, and meetings that can get your attention away from what you’re doing. However, there are more distractions at home than what’s present in the office. Since you are not supervised, you can easily get distracted with the Internet, especially social media. Then, there’s your family or pets craving for attention.

To prevent getting distracted, you have to impose a strict rule on yourself when you are working. And most importantly, you have to follow it. The Pomodoro Technique above also helps clear these distractions. Allot time for playtime so you can focus on your work at home.

Find a good spot

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As a freelancer, there will also come a time that you will long for a new environment. This comes with the need to inspire creativity and innovation. You’ll need a quiet spot that offers flexibility and quality amenities to attend to your work needs.

Today, various workspaces in Singapore cater to freelancers like you. These workspaces boast of stylish yet functional designs to boost productivity. All you need is to find a virtual office space that offers short-term membership perfect for your freelancing needs.

With the abovementioned tips, you can boost your productivity at work. Now, you can resist temptations and focus on your work, which means more income for you.

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