Yes, It’s Time To Enter The World Of Jewelry

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Let’s be honest with each other; we all enjoy wearing a stunning outfit and bringing out the best in us. Who wouldn’t love to look attractive and get nice compliments? It’s not a pride thing; it’s mostly a creative expression of your choice of apparel and how you carry your beauty wherever you go. It’s nothing but great fun, all in the name of good fashion.

However, if you think you’re ready to take your outfit game to the next level, then it’s about time you become acquainted with the world of jewelry and how fine pieces of gold, silver, brass, and more can elevate your style. Anyone can rock a breathtaking dress straight into the ballroom, but it takes a next-level diva and gentleman that know their way around accessories to walk into every occasion like a head-turner.

Is Jewelry For Everyone?

The straightforward answer is yes, anyone and everyone can and should get the chance to wear jewelry. Much like any clothing choice, jewelry is a form of expression that helps bring out your inner personality and make you look unique. Plus, nothing leaves a better first impression than someone who knows they look good. So, here’s how you can get started:

#1 Experiment As Much As You Can

The best advice for a newbie like you would be to experiment as much as you can and try on every piece that you’d like. You want something that feels good, matches your personality, and a piece that you’ll enjoy wearing. Of course, there are some caveats to trying everything, but as much as possible, don’t limit your range and scope.

  • Please Start with the Basics: For starts, we strongly recommend sticking with the basics. People get the misconception that looking good with jewelry requires oddly-specific pieces, which is by no means true. Get acquainted with your earring studs, bracelets, hoops, bangles, and bracelets. They may be simple, but no one’s going to deny how good they look.
  • Fine Jewelry vs. Costume Jewelry: Of course, while we all have a dream of owning our collection of fine jewelry, they can be pretty expensive to acquire and are not-so-budget-friendly. So, we recommend trying on costume jewelry that is much more affordable and can look just as good. Yes, it’s no designer brand, but they’re perfect for beginners who aren’t too sure which pieces they enjoy wearing.
  • Trying Antiques and Plated Options: Sticking to the subject of affordability, you could also try looking up antiques that can be significantly cheaper than brand-new jewelry and conjure a vintage aesthetic. Plated options also fall into the same category. You can get them brand-new and are a lot less expensive than their solid counterparts.

#2 Quality Then Quantity


Unlike the housing market, tech space, or any marketplace for that matter that will scream quality over quantity, the world of jewelry is different because it’s quality then quantity. Sure, there’s no denying one grandstanding focal piece will work you wonders and last you years, but accessorizing is all about working with what you have and making the most out of your options.

  • Layering is Gorgeous: Layering is king, and with the right mix of jewelry pieces, you can easily go from A-tier to S+. From a blend of matching necklaces to contrasting bangles, there are numerous ways you can go about layering your accessories and bringing out 100% of your true gorgeousness. Plus, these combinations vary even further on your outfit; whether it’s street style or high fashion, they all have unique preferences.
  • Making it Meaningful: Sometimes, the most-expensive or best-looking pieces don’t’ make the cut, and you end up suffering from buyer’s remorse. That’s because choosing a jewelry piece has to do a lot with meaning and defining what an accessory symbolizes. It’s the reason why they make perfect gifts or mementos for trips and relationships, so don’t just go buying out of impulse!

#3 Understanding Your Outfit

If a business takes its sweet time deciding on its PABX telephony system, you also want to take the time to understand the outfit you’re planning to wear and what statement it communicates. Sure, there are jewelry pieces that can work for every piece of apparel, but would you want to be seen wearing the same thing over and over again without adding a more personal touch?

  • Think Neckline: From turtlenecks with long chains to short collars with chokers, there are do’s and don’ts to jewelry selection depending on the neckline you’re working with. Some people can get away with most despite the rules, but that’s because some outfits are versatile. As a good rule of thumb, seek complementary pieces and don’t overpower.

Indulge in Some Self-Love

Apart from looking good, getting into the world of jewelry is an excellent way of indulging in some much-needed self-love. So, get out there and find yourself a beautiful piece because it might just spark a love for a new hobby.

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