Winter Motorsports That Will Excite Spectators

motorsports on winter
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There are few places in the world where the cold climate is dominant. Most of the time, people would encounter things such as snow and ice for one season and not much else. But there are countries, especially the tropical ones, who do not even get that kind of climate.

If you happen to visit one, and you find the heat unbearable, you probably will be itching to get back home and wear your Obermeyer ski jacket for some winter sports action. These are activities that can be enjoyed even in sub-zero conditions, with snowboarding and skiing being the most popular among them.

If you are mighty impressed by the human feats of these winter athletes, you might want to look at the partnership of man and machine with these motorsport events. These feature specialized vehicles that can navigate snowy or icy environments.

Ice Sailing

The words “ice” and “sailing” can be a peculiar combination. How can you sail when there are bodies of water out there that are frozen solid? Well, you can try ice sailing for starters. Just because everything has gone cold does not mean that the wind is gone.

Traditional sailing would require you to traverse a large body of water, like an ocean. You have to be keen on the direction of the wind, as you will be moving your sail along with it so that it can push you forward. As this is a sport that heavily relies on the element of air, it means that you only have to modify your vessel if you want to do it on ice, which is precisely why iceboats exist. They glide over sheets of ice using metal runners. Think of these as large blades that are the bottom of the hull or side planks. These move you forward by making you slide over the slippery ice.

But, of course, the wind is king in this sport. So to pump up the excitement, you will get a huge push whenever you encounter a giant breeze. If you have ever craved for speed in wintertime, this should get your fix.


There are a lot of motorsports around right now that showcase both the engineering feats of the vehicle manufacturers and the skills of their race drivers. But watching a rally event is exciting in the sense that it takes place in exotic environments. Due to the narrow tracks, those who participate do not race each other. They instead make their runs one by one and try to beat the best times.

These are mostly held in non-asphalt roads, which means that you have to master how your car controls on different kinds of surfaces. Gravel, sand, or even mud are all fair play in this sport. If you want something more extreme, you can add some snow into it and watch how drivers expertly drift around hairpin curves even if the roads are slippery.

It is also a great sight to see the rally car race past cool locales such as snowcapped forests. The sights you see here are out of the ordinary, which adds more excitement to it.

Snowmobile Racing

Winter motorbike

Another sport the speed freaks would enjoy watching is snowmobile racing. The vehicle used here is a mix of a motorbike and a sled. Those who are skilled in riding those two-wheeled rockets would feel right at home here as they can easily adjust to the handling of their ride. Tracks are composed of inclines that can launch you to the air and sharp corners. Splashes of snow just add to the element of action and danger, which makes watching this sport more engaging.

Being snowed under does not stop people from thinking of ways to compete, and these motorsport events prove that. The great thing is that performing these events in winter climates make them look unique and refreshing. Now, you have something to look forward to during the cold season.

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