Understanding the Different Types of Agricultural Sprayers

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When applying agricultural pesticides in your small-scale farm, your main goal should be to distribute the chemicals in a uniform manner. This is to make sure your crop is properly covered.

If you spread the pesticide too thinly, you may not get the desired control and coverage. If you overdo it, you’ll be wasting money. Pesticide is not cheap and residual pesticide can contaminate your farm’s groundwater.

The secret to an even distribution of pesticides on your plants is to use the right kind of 12-volt weed sprayer and trailer on the farm.

Spot Sprayers

A single spot sprayer is powered by 12V electric diaphragm pumps. The diaphragm pumps enable sufficient flow rate and pressure on the sprayer’s nozzle. Spot sprayers have tanks with sizes ranging from 9 to 25 gallons. This range in size allows for increased spraying capacity within multiple areas. And to increase its reach when spraying, it can support hoses of up to 30’ long.

Spot sprayers are preferred by small businesses and small-scale farmers because of their versatility and maneuverability. They can be used for target spray operations on lands situated on separate properties or lands that are slightly far apart.

UTV Sprayers

UTV sprayers are larger than spot sprayers. They come with 25 to 200-gallon tanks and are powered in two ways. You can choose between gas-powered centrifugal pumps and 12V electric diaphragm pumps.

UTV sprayers are primarily used for off-road mobility in target spray applications. This is to gain spray access to areas that are hard to reach even for spot sprayers. To accomplish this, they are mounted on utility vehicles; hence, their name.

For wider area coverage, UTV spray systems are often equipped with boomless nozzles or boom arms, and hoses of up to 100’ in length.

UTV sprayers are used in commercial farms, landscaping, and personal grounds keeping. It focuses on irrigation activities, fertilization, and pest control.

ATV Sprayers

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Just like UTV sprayers, ATV sprayers are designed for off-road mobility during target spray applications. They are mounted on ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). But unlike UTV sprayers, ATV spray systems are used for smaller-scale operations, often when there are repeat spray or quick response needs only.

ATV spray systems are equipped with handgun nozzles supporting a 15’ hose. They can also be fitted with boomless nozzles or boom arms when necessary. They are also powered by 12V electric diaphragm pumps but come with 22 or 25-gallon tanks only.

Keep Your Sprayers in Good Condition

Whatever type of sprayer you use, be sure to maintain them regularly. Create a checklist if you must, so you won’t forget anything. Maintenance should include sprayer monitor calibration, components greasing, and fluid levels checkup.

Before spring arrives, make sure your sprayers are in tiptop condition. By the time the growing season is here, your sprayers will be ready. There should also be a daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance during this time. And before the winter comes, prepare and protect your sprayers against frost damage so that you can still use them next year.

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