Modern Marketing in Trade Shows and Exhibitions

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An exhibition is a public display of items to attract attention or show them off. It can be as simple as a table and some chairs set up in the parking lot of a store, but most exhibitions are more like trade shows with many booths and people wandering around. Nonetheless, the purpose of an exhibition is to get people interested in what you’re selling, so they will buy it.

There are many ways to promote your product at an exhibition, and this article will discuss some techniques that work best for marketing purposes. Here are some ideas to take advantage of these exhibitions’ unique benefits to offer your business.

Offer something for free

Many people have been to trade shows and exhibitions for various things. Some go to purchase something they could not find at their local stores, and others want to buy a product as a gift, while some attend just out of curiosity.

Although the purpose of attending varies from person to person, several common interests attract everyone — one of which is the freebies. Offering something for free, even if it’s just a simple pen or a bookmark with your logo, will always attract people to at least check out what you have to offer.

Another reason why offering something for free is compelling is because it gives the attendee a chance to try the product and assess its value without feeling pressured about buying something.

Give a discount on a price tag

If you’re unsure about the success of your product at the exhibition, try giving away a discount to those who want to buy it. If there are people interested in what you have as soon as they see it, why not allow them to purchase right then and there? In this case, you will have to give a limited-time offer on your product to attract buyers.

However, be careful when giving too much of a discount. This technique has the potential to attract too many people and thus lower your profit margin.

Take advantage of social media

People nowadays are constantly on their phones — either chatting with friends, surfing the internet, or checking out what is happening around them. Take advantage of social media if you want to maximize your exposure at an exhibition. Create posts before, during, and after the event, so people can see what you are doing at all times.

If possible, provide free internet to attendees (and exhibitors) through Wi-Fi or other methods like power banks.

using social media for announcement of shows

Bring in something fun

Trade shows and exhibitions are not just about selling. If possible, you should try to incorporate something that will make people enjoy their time there instead of making them feel bored and exhausted after walking around for hours on end.

You can impress your audience with something like a food cart or an interactive game. Doing so is effective in inviting people to your booth. Consider coordinating with your local hauler for a classic car trailer that can help you transport your products or equipment for presentations.

The goal is to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for people — the more you can impress them with your brand and product, the better.

Incorporate artificial intelligence

With the advent of technology today, businesses must try to incorporate artificial intelligence into their marketing strategies. Machine learning and data analytics can help gather information on each customer to create a personalized experience for them, thus improving sales by obtaining better insights on what they need or want.

You can also create a customer avatar that outlines their preferences and characteristics for easier marketing by profiling your customers.

Take advantage of pop-ups

If you want to promote during an event to as many people as possible, consider creating a mobile pop-up shop. It is effective because it reduces the costs involved in renting out space at the exhibition center and allows you to reach a wider audience than if your booth is stationary.

It’s like taking the trade show into a roadshow. Increase excitement for the event by advertising it in different areas along the route to the trade show.

Ask for feedback from attendees

Take a survey of the people who attended the event and ask them what they think about your product. This way, you’ll know what aspects to improve on or if any improvements need to happen at all.

All in all, using these techniques can help increase your chances of making a sale — or, at the very least, gaining exposure for your brand and product. Just make sure you are well-prepared and know what you are doing to make the most out of the event.

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