Things to Do When Involved in an Accident as a Passenger

car accident
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Getting involved in a car accident is terrifying. While riding in the backseat is not as scary, you still have a good chance of getting injured, especially if you are caught by surprise. In 2019, more than 2.7 million people were injured in over 6.7 million accidents that happened in the US.

This makes it necessary to always drive defensively. But this is not possible if you’re a passenger since you have no control of the vehicle you’re riding. So, you should always be alert, especially if you’re on a ridesharing vehicle. Here are the things you need to do when you’re involved in a car accident as a passenger.

Get Medical Attention if Necessary

Getting medical attention is vital if you’re involved in a car accident. Your physical well-being should be your priority, especially in a major car accident. Have someone contact emergency services if you’re unable to do it yourself. This is particularly true you suffer from severe injuries.

If you have no injuries, you should have yourself checked to ensure you have no invisible injuries. These invisible injuries include concussions, which require medical attention. Traumatic brain injury also does not have any immediate symptoms but will become life-threatening if it remains untreated.

Contact the Authorities

If you did not suffer any injuries in the accident, you should contact the authorities as soon as possible. Calling emergency medical personnel and the police ensures someone will be there to take care of anyone injured due to the accident.

You should also get a copy of the accident report for insurance purposes. It will help you with your insurance claims later and allow you to receive compensation for injuries you suffered due to the accident.

Find out the Reason for the Accident

Finding out who was at fault in the accident is also essential, especially if you want to file an insurance claim. Even if the driver of the car you are riding caused the accident, you’re still allowed to get compensation for injuries you suffered. But you need to check relevant laws in the state where the accident happened.

If you were using an Uber, you should consult a reliable Uber accident attorney, especially if the accident was due to the negligence of your ridesharing driver. These lawyers will help you prove the liability of your driver and determine the settlement you should get. They will also handle the insurance company representing the ridesharing company to allow you to recover from the accident.

Collect Evidence at the Scene

Even if your lawyer has the resources to collect evidence at the accident scene, you should also collect evidence if it’s possible. It will help your case when you ask for compensation after the accident. You should take note of everything that you can remember about the accident, including the time before the accident happened.

car accident

Aside from writing down the details, you should also take photos of the accident. You should take photos of the point of impact, including the area around the accident site. You should also take note of skid marks and damage to the surrounding property. Close-up photos will help you when you file an insurance claim later.

Collect Information About the Accident

You should also talk to witnesses in the area and get their phone numbers if they are willing to help you in your case. Make sure to get the details about what they witnessed in the accident. Getting information about the cars involved in the accident is also helpful. You should also check the insurance policy number of the vehicle you were riding.

If you were on a ridesharing vehicle, you should already have the name and phone number of the driver. You should include this information in your insurance claim.

Get Additional Medical Treatment if Necessary

Getting additional medical treatment is also important, especially if you sustained injuries in the accident. You should not ignore your doctor’s recommendations, especially with specific treatments that you need due to the accident. Getting the medication your doctor prescribed is also vital to avoid issues later.

Taking care of your physical well-being is one crucial reason for you to get additional treatment whenever necessary. You will reduce the risk of experiencing chronic conditions later when you receive additional medical treatment.

Additionally, getting treatment after the accident increases your chance of receiving compensation for the injuries. Following prescribed treatment plans shows the severity of the injury, which means you need compensation for them. So it’s important to follow through with your medical treatment even if you feel it’s unnecessary. The prevalence of accidents on the road makes it necessary for people to know what to do if they are involved in a car accident.

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