The Role of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Modern Society

robotics concept
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Robotics and artificial intelligence are two scientific fields that give society the boost they need. They often are associated with one another, but they each have their own achievements and purposes. Robotics, for example, deal more with physical tasks. They can be highly accurate and fast, which results in increased productivity for organizations that use them. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, tackles decision-making. At the fundamental level, it is all about inputting branches of rules and conditions into a machine or a computer.

Throughout history, you have seen the potential of what robots and AI can do in tandem with less complex machines. Here are some roles that they have taken over to aid in many tasks.


The human body has a lot of limits. You will be in danger if you explore extreme temperatures. Bring yourself out into the cold, and you will experience hypothermia or lose your limbs to frostbite. The sweltering heat of the sun could give you a heatstroke, and any living thing would not dare to come close to the mouth of a volcano. Venturing into undiscovered places is a good thing, but not at the expense of someone’s health or life.

Some robots can be built to withstand the stresses of extreme environments. Sure they may end up ruined or damaged after an expedition, but spending even a little time gathering information should be enough to make discoveries. These machines can also be designed and trained to maneuver even the most uneven terrains, thereby reaching places that no person or traditional vehicle can. If that is not enough, even distant planets have been explored by robots. Rovers have been sent to Mars that use the power of AI to traverse its surface. They hold the key to the possibility of Earth’s citizens to inhabit that planet.


robot machineryRobots are known for their efficiency and accuracy, and these are perfect characteristics for an assembly line or a factory. There have been many implementations of this that people are now enjoying today. Perfect examples would be the high-tech gadgets that you are using today. Mobile phones have circuit boards that are so compact that placing the chips and transistors in there would require pin-point placement accuracy. The human hand would have a challenging time performing that job, so it is best to leave the machines.

Factories also employ the use of robots for easy transportation or heavy lifting. There are such machines out there that have wheels and could carry heavy boxes using the strong suction power of a vacuum. The brute force approach allows them to haul lots of boxes from one area to another in no time. If you are interested in outfitting your facilities with some robotic systems, companies like JH Foster can do that for you. They can analyze the whole process and decide which solution will work best for you.


There are dangerous situations that make people pray for everyone’s safety. Some unhinged individuals can do unthinkable things, like laying bombs in public places. When that happens, authorities will try their best to minimize casualties. People will be asked to move away from the explosive device, and then later, they will swoop in and try to defuse it. But that is a game of chance that even the wisest experts do not want to play. The good thing is some robots can be deployed to help with the disposal. This way, no one will have to gamble their life to try to deactivate the bomb.

Customer Service

Customer service uses many human elements; that is why it is hard to imagine machines replacing people who work in this sector. The technology is best implemented on simple and mundane tasks, and there are quite a lot of issues that can be solved by simple and straightforward inquiries. You can now see communication channels using AI bots to converse with customers. They can give you instructions and answers for easier problems, and then you can be directed to an actual human when things get complex. This is aimed to eliminate the wait times that people spend on phone or chat queues. Some well-trained representatives spend too much time answering simple tasks when they could have used that effort to solve more pressing concerns.

Although people may see robots or AI as replacing jobs for humans, it is more about eliminating clutters in the process. A person’s mind is still complex and capable of doing much more, and moving it away from repetitive and boring tasks could help unleash one’s full potential. Machine assistance is here to stay, and the world will be more productive because of it.

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