Telling Reasons Your Business Needs to Start a Vlog

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Vlogging has become increasingly popular as it’s a cost-effective way of driving online visibility and engagement. If you’re a business owner, you should take advantage of this platform to propel your brand even further. By uploading vlogs, you can get your message across millions of people effortlessly. And with more people receiving your message, the more likely your business becomes profitable.

Here are three telling reasons why you should start a vlog for your business.

The future is visual

Did you know that YouTube has approximately 1 billion active users and that over six billion hours of video are watched per month?

According to Statista, in 2018, 32 percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 years old admitted to watching three different vloggers each week on various platforms.

Now, is vlogging worth it? A 2020 research by Wyzowl found that almost 90 percent of video marketers said video gives them a good return of investment (ROI). They noted that vlogging has directly contributed to increased sales. They added that video helped them with lead generation and that video has led to increased traffic to their websites.

Given these successes, they said that they plan to maintain or increase their video spend in 2020.

Introduce your products easily


Today, many businesses are relying on vlogs to promote their products.

One good example of a company that capitalizes on vlogging is GoPro. They’re using YouTube to market their products. They publish vlogs showcasing their new products and compilations of photographs taken by their products.

Videos are a great way to give your audience a better look at your products, so they can learn about your brand and make an informed buying decision. Vlogging is one way of introducing and promoting new releases. In your videos, you should tell viewers why they need to have your product by listing down the benefits they can get from it. Remember that if you only discuss the product’s features, it won’t articulate how it will help your viewers. Instead, tell them how your product will resolve their issues. If you need help or just unsure of how to create content, you can always seek the services of your local production company.

Unlimited sharing

If you want to grow your business, you would want to maximize your reach. Social networks make it easy for video creators to share their content. By sharing your vlog to different social media sites, it gives you the potential of reaching out to vast audiences exponentially.

According to the State of Social Video Marketer Trends Report 2018, three out of every four consumers said they’d been influenced by a brand’s social media presence in their purchase decisions. Meanwhile, a 2018 Wyzowl survey revealed that nearly eight in every ten users purchased an app or software after watching the brand’s video. With video becoming a significant influence on buyer decisions, it makes sense for you to capitalize on it.

Vlogging has become a useful marketing tool that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of. What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to start crafting content ideas that you can publish.

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