The Significance of Technology on Creating Better Connections

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Have you ever thought about what your interpersonal relationships would be like if you didn’t have technology? There was no access to the internet or smartphones. Would you have met your current partner if you hadn’t? Or would you even recognize your existing circle of friends?

Technology has had a more significant impact on whom we hang out with now than at any other point in human history. Many people vow to their teeth that technology only serves to destroy relationships. And, to some extent, they are correct. For instance, consider the last time you had a meal with relatives or friends. Remember how everyone was oblivious to the food in front of them because they were engrossed in their phones?

That is why you should know about technology hacks that can help you strengthen a relationship, with some discussed below.

1. Set Boundaries

According to ACM, 50% of technology users will click on a notification within 30 seconds of receiving it. If the notification isn’t viewed within five minutes, the likelihood of it being opened drops to 17%.

How can you set healthy boundaries with technology while avoiding its negative consequences? To begin, figure out where you spend the majority of your time on your devices. Creating broad media guidelines to follow throughout the day can help you feel more pleased by creating routines and healthy boundaries with technology.

Make family media agreements for everyone in the house to manage media usage expectations and promote healthy online engagement. When you’re with friends or colleagues, agree not to use technology and live in the moment.

2. Bucket List for Shared Relationships

Create a common bucket list to which you and your partner add items regularly. Date ideas, vacation ideas, and small things you want to learn or experience together should all be scribbled into the document.

When you complete one of the tasks, cross it off the list. Having this list means that no matter how exhausted you are at the end of a hard day at work, you always have a large list of ready-made innovative solutions to the age-old question of “What do you feel like doing today/tonight/this coming weekend?”

Setting up an online shared document takes less than a minute, and having it available in real-time is even better.

3. Social Media and FaceTime Helps You Stay Connected

social media

Social media is a platform that allows you to communicate with individuals from all over the world. This aids in the maintenance of existing relationships and the formation of new ones. Social media has a terrible rep. However, there’s no doubting that if you’re talking to the person you think you’re talking to, it’s much easier to do so on this platform, making you feel more connected.

No matter where you are, video calling allows you and your partner to communicate face-to-face. However, the technology’s applications are much broader.

If you and your partner are having problems in your relationship, you may want to video call a couples counseling using Skype or another platform. If the counseling doesn’t help and you think your personal life is disrupted and your security is at risk, then it’s better to get in touch with a competent family lawyer as soon as possible.

4. Texting and Picture Messaging

Texting isn’t dead, and it’s one of the most powerful technological tools you can use to strengthen your relationship. Video or phone calls would not be feasible for everyone. And it is here that text shines.

Texting does not have to be a two-way discussion. It could be as simple as leaving a thoughtful message for your lover to find when they wake up. Alternatively, send a romantic note during the day to make your lover think about you throughout the day.

We all enjoy looking at photographs. Why are people on Instagram in the first place? Sending your loved one images might help you improve your connection.

5. Use Emojis to Make Things Cuter

Emojis make everything squishy. In reality, how often do you tell your sweetheart “I love you” or blow a flying kiss?

However, thanks to emoticons, you’ll be spouting mush all day on text, which is great for your relationship. Emojis can improve relationships, which is one of the advantages of technology in a relationship.

In a digital world, technology and relationships are inextricably linked. It has done everything possible to improve the lives of couples in love and loved ones who live far away. So go ahead and be the quintessential technophile, welcoming technology with the same warmth with which you welcome your partner.

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