The Cleaning and Housekeeping Industry: How It Keeps Up With Tech Trends

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Today’s technology gives us more ways than ever before to be more efficient with our time while still producing quality resultsThe housekeeping industry is larger than you think. It covers hotels, resorts, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and offices. It can be an enormous business that includes everything from shampooing carpets to cleaning up hazardous waste.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that the industry has been quick to use advancements in technology to help streamline its businesses. Many hotels have moved towards invention management systems that include an integrated booking system, inventory management, and digital housekeeping. At the same time, hotels are cutting down on their amenities. Instead of shampooing carpets, they’re using robots to do it for them.

The number of people employed within the housekeeping industry is staggering, with estimates putting the number at around two million workers globally. This is why the industry is taking advantage of these trends by utilizing new tools to make their jobs easier.

Here are ways that technology is improving housekeeping:

Laundry Trackers

Laundry trackers are devices that can be attached to any hotel laundry cart. They allow you to track where your carts are, should they get lost or misplaced. It also tracks how your laundry carts are being used, which can help you with things like inventory.

Bathroom Apps

When it comes to the bathroom, there’s no room for error when it comes to cleanliness or germs. Thanks to new apps, iPads¬†have become a valuable resource for cleaning companies. Bathroom app iClean allows employees to include location data and check-off features on their devices.

This technology allows for a cleaner, more streamlined work process. It also allows employees to send feedback on their work immediately. This means that the cleaning company can better serve its clients.

iClean users can digitally document when tiles, sinks, or toilets were last cleaned and provide pictures of room conditions if requested by the client.

Time Management Apps

using time management apps before work

It’s not just the hotel rooms that are getting into technology. Those working within the housekeeping industry can utilize apps to track their daily tasks and schedules. Brenda Barnes, chief executive of TRACSolutions, has created a mobile app for employees on cleaning teams whose work may span multiple facilities.

The app allows workers to log their hours, share data with team members and track their schedules. This type of app is incredibly essential for a company that works within the hospitality industry.

Digital Checklist

No longer are employees working off of paper checklists for each room they’re cleaning. Instead, there’s an app for that too! A housekeeping employee can use their mobile device to record daily activities in a digital checklist.

This is where we’re seeing the most change in how hotels and resorts operate. Hotel groups like the American Hotel Register Company (AHR) have begun to use technology already available through integrated property management systems. The goal of these companies is to improve operational processes and streamline workflows for employees, all while using one tool instead of multiple.

Cost Management Techniques

One of the most critical aspects of using technology to improve the housekeeping industry, especially companies offering commercial janitorial services, is the ability to document and quantify your results. The AHR creates reports that detail how much water, energy, and other resources are used during cleaning.

This information is shared with managers who can see where their costs are coming from and make changes accordingly. Sharing this data also allows the housekeeping department to communicate with other departments in the hotel. This will enable managers to see how their work impacts others within the establishment.

Tracking Devices

The last thing any manager wants is for customers or clients to complain about dirty rooms or bathrooms. When it comes to customer satisfaction, having an app that can take pictures of a room, track the number of towels and linens used, and let employees submit room reports has never been more essential.

This information provides managers with real-time data on their housekeeping department. This allows them to make any changes they feel are necessary before a customer complains. In addition, this information is useful in training new employees or identifying workers who need additional education.

Final Thoughts

Technology has come a long way since the days of manual checklists and paper logs. Thanks to advancements in technology, housekeeping and cleaning companies can utilize apps and other programs to streamline their workflow, better serve clients and employees, and measure results effectively.

With so many benefits available, it’s no wonder that the industry is embracing technology. Our rooms and homes are so much cleaner because of it.

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