Strengthening the Web Presence and Social Media Following of Your Business

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In this highly digital era, sustaining a strong web presence and adequate social media following must be part of a business owner’s priorities. If you are running an enterprise and want to give your website and social networks an update, here are several tips and guidelines to help you get started.

Web Presence

  • Shift to Mobile.

According to Jeff Haden of, the mobile shift makes it indispensable that your website suits all types of electronic devices. This is especially important for tablets and smartphones, as these gadgets are used on a daily basis and carried by owners anywhere and everywhere, thanks to their portability.

You have the option to develop versions of your website that are device-specific, but for a more cost-effective and less time-consuming approach, opt to utilize a web layout that is appropriate for every platform and device.

  • Forego unnecessary features.

To maximize the potential of your website, remove any feature that is irrelevant and only causes annoyance and inconvenience. For example, if you sell food items and create blog posts of recipes to promote your products, uploading the actual recipes in PDF format and adding them at the end of each article may be easier for you. However, it’s a hassle for your site visitors.

Remember, the key to enhancing sales growth is improving the customer experience. Don’t allow any unnecessary feature or content to drive your customers (and their potential purchases) away.

  • Coordinate with an SEO professional.

You may already be aware of what search engine optimization (SEO) entails, but to give you a brief explanation, it’s the practice of increasing organic traffic on a website by acquiring high-ranking or significant placements in a search engine’s results page (SERP).

SEO service providers often deliver bundled packages, which commonly include keyphrase and keyword optimization and research, sitemaps, and other additional tasks that are needed to meet client requirements and goals. If you live in Greater London, for instance, look for an SEO service provider in Beckenham, Bromley, or Croydon since there are many companies in these locations that offer bundle types of SEO services. These include monthly subscriptions to one-time payments.

Social Media Following

  • Make use of automation systems and tools.

social media apps installed on aphoneTo strengthen your following on social media, you have to maintain a consistent pace. However, this can take a lot of time and effort. To simplify your work, utilize automation tools that are able to publish posts automatically, as well as help you plan and schedule batches of posts in advance. They also make monitoring networks and responding to messages much easier and faster.

  • Don’t promote ALL the time.

Yes, we get it — you created these accounts and pages for advertising and selling. However, a social networking site should not be limited to promotions since it’s also a medium for engaging and communicating with customers and supporters. Restrict promotional content to about 20%, while the remaining share must be allotted for catering to your audiences’ needs.

  • Keep your followers engaged.

Your job doesn’t end with just posting content. Social media is primarily meant for connecting, so make nurturing customer relationships a priority. Boost audience engagement by replying to comments, participating in and starting conversations, posing questions, addressing criticisms and complaints, and holding online contests.

As the old adage says, Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is applicable to solidifying one’s web presence. The digital world can be tricky to navigate, and you can’t expect overnight success. However, with dedication, professional assistance, and extensive research, you can eventually conquer your online territory.

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