Has Social Media Made People More Thoughtful?

social media
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Communicating with each other has never been more efficient, faster, and more accessible. It is a lot easier to find out what is happening all over the planet, taking social media users out of the reality they are in and exposing them to the experiences of fellow human beings elsewhere. The testimonies take the form of posts, blogs, and YouTube videos, and they can be broadcast in real-time. More than ever, humans are expressing their opinions on situations that occur in a different country.

The extent of everyone’s sympathy is now being challenged, as people unaffected by issues taking place somewhere else are vocal about their concerns. Some are aware of the algorithm that controls what they see, while others blissfully share their information in attempts to seek attention or validation of their experience and opinion. There is solace to be had in knowing that a fellow being is there to read your thoughts, especially when it becomes overwhelming. It makes sense that people tend to stalk each other innocently. The connection social media brings creates a fellowship that is easily accessible as if the people involved were in one physical room.

Sharing, Liking, and Commenting

social media

The online community adds value to posts when they interact with it—whether by sharing, liking, or commenting. There are events where a part of its success involves people distributing the information within their own networks. Contests or school projects can be held, and an author’s success relies on the number of likes or views on the posts. Some communities band together to help each other get there, similar to a goal on a fundraising website.

Consistent interactions between people through social media make them more aware of the issues that are important to each other. Even though people are addicted to refreshing their pages to see what else is new, it can be an indicator of their wishes to know more about their peers in their network. For instance, if they find that their friend is interested in a curated gift box shop, it could mean that a personalized present could cheer up their friend for a birthday or an upcoming occasion. It is no longer uncommon for friends to send each other gifts through online services, especially if they know that it has been a tough week for their pal. It shows that they still care for one another, no matter how far apart they may be.

Worldwide Access to Information


As mentioned earlier, people can see what is going on anywhere on the planet. Now, more than ever, information is easier to access so long as someone online can provide that data. Stories that would have otherwise been unheard of are now given a platform where people can pay attention. Knowing each other’s situations makes communication more sensitive and aware of any civilities that need to be thought of during a conversation. Users are more likely to be considerate now than they were before because of the information they can use to best decide an approach to a situation.

No matter how foreign a culture may be, a simple search online can provide facts to make people more considerate towards each other. A person in Brazil can know what the issues are in Taiwan without having to step foot in the country or talk to someone from there. That sort of connection can make people more aware and thoughtful of what their fellow human is going through.

There are many considerations to be had nowadays when people communicate with one another. Even though there are norms to follow during interactions in the past, these are evolving with the nuances of the Internet. There may be a different culture online, but it is an accumulation of human interactions on that platform over time. The instant replies from family, friends, and strangers on forums, as well as frequent updates that are available online, make it less likely that the phrase, “I am so sorry, I did not know,” less likely to appear in a conversation.

Even though there are instances where social media may cause harm, it is, without a doubt, one of the most useful inventions ever made. Information spreads faster than ever before, allowing aid to be provided as quickly as possible no matter the distance between those who try to help. It creates a space where people can talk to each other. In a world that people theorize might lead to division, that sort of exchange is essential. Meaningful dialogues that can provide insights to those who would otherwise have none.

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