Social Media Under COVID-19: Using It for Business Growth and Beyond

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A lot happened even when COVID-19 restrictions forced people to stay home. It might be peculiar to think, but businesses managed to grow—as well as tech—even as offices and other institutions stayed virtually empty throughout the pandemic.

The crisis may have turned not to be a crisis at all for a few lucky companies. Not everyone managed to adjust, but those that do manage to solve the lockdown question and beyond. They have managed to integrate best practices—from partnering with a good SAP eCommerce service to creating a solid cybersecurity structure for working at home. Some have also begun to turn to social media for their business needs, and it’s been a good decision so far.

Social media has been slowly turning from a tool for entertainment to something businesses would also use to communicate with their audience. It’s a sound decision for most companies since their audience is mostly found on it. Take a look at how social media can be used for business and beyond.

It’s used for collaboration

In the social media world, most influencers and businesses tout a word: “collaboration.” It’s like two companies with a similar product teaming up or two influencers who have similar niches. By doing this, they’re helping each other gain more followers by putting up stories on their feed, which their respective followers can see.

During the pandemic, partnering with each other for mutual benefit is a step in the right direction. You can help each other make more by sharing each other’s content. An alternate path is using LinkedIn to find people using the advanced search filters. This way, you can send your message across locally—in your locale, for instance.

Convince more people to buy from you

Basically, social media is like advertising if you’re using it for business. It’s not worthwhile to maintain a presence online if you’re not converting that to sales or customers. If that’s the case, then you really don’t have customers but voyeurs just browsing your products or services.

One of the tried-and-tested methods in making more conversions is to create giveaways. These can be anything from free products to bundles that are delivered through sales. You can also create contests where your followers or customers can win free stuff from your store.

The goal of this is to create an email database. These emails can then be used to send promotions and other messages regarding your business to create more followers.

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Your giveaways are two-fold

If you’re in a giveaway promo, you’re distributing most of your products for free or at a lower price. This is worth it if you’re doing it right. The purpose of giving products away for free is to create more awareness about your brand, if not to gain more followers and likes and have your followers spread more word about you around.

With more people having your brand, you stand to create awareness about your brand—real awareness. People will also get a first-hand chance to try out your products. If they end up liking it a lot, then you’ve created something more priceless than awareness—loyalty.

The growth of social media will continue

Many people found themselves stuck at home during the pandemic. Aside from streaming apps, other social media apps have filled the void with seeing the outside world. It is because of this that social media will continue to grow, according to the firm eMarketer.

Even before the pandemic, social media has become more embedded in more people’s lives. The reliance that was developed during the time of the pandemic is also expected to outlive the lockdowns, too.

It is this kind of reliance on social media that companies and people looking to sell products should capitalize on.

Be present on social media sites that capture your audience well

There are a lot of social media networks that became really popular during the pandemic. There are those that liked TikTok, while others have spent more time on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. It’s a matter of preference, but with nothing else to do, people are flocking to these websites to the tune of 600% on TikTok, 43% on Instagram, 36% for Twitter, and 3% for Facebook, respectively.

With this kind of data, businesses and product sellers should know where they can sell their products. Getting into these social media apps would be of good use for various businesses.

Social media has gone from entertainment to business apps in just a few years. It’s expected to evolve even more after the pandemic. Corner your market using these tips or figure out what to do yourself using the data seen here.

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