Selling Your Antique Jewelry Done Right

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Antique jewelry pieces have a unique kind of beauty. The old-world aesthetic is simply stunning, and such pieces also give you a sneak peek of the bygone eras’ sensibilities. Each piece comes with a story and a historical tale that is worth telling everyone. All these make antique jewelry truly expensive, and there is a large market for them.

If you plan to sell a family heirloom, such as antique jewelry, you certainly have reasons. It could be as serious as your plan to fund a new business venture or just as simple as raising cash to contribute to your homeowners’ association because it has exceeded its loss coverage assessment. Nevertheless, there are practical ways of selling old and valuable pieces like yours. Here are some of them:

Stay calm

In case you have stumbled upon the family heirloom and learned that it would give you a great deal of unexpected cash, the first thing you need to do is stay calm. Selling the pieces on an impulse will make you end up getting less than the real selling price. You need to evaluate the value of the jewelry and, more importantly, ask the family members if they are all right with selling it (the discussion can also include the division of the windfall).

Have the pieces assessed

diamond ringBefore you sell the antique jewelry pieces, you need to have them appraised to sell it at a fair price. It is important to know that pricing antique pieces requires more than the items’ history. Appraisers will still take into account the materials used, the design, and the weight. The historical names associated with the pieces, such as the former owner and the designer, will also be considered. See to it that the appraising party is actually capable and is known for its skills.

Carry out some precautionary measures

Before leaving your jewelry with an appraiser or a buyer, do what you need to do to avoid problems down the line. This means documenting every transaction that you conduct. Take a photograph of the antique pieces and the certificates and attestations they have come with. If you are shipping the pieces, make sure that they are kept in the right packaging and delivered by couriers specializing in handling delicate and precious items.

Avoid sketchy buyers

The jewelry world is full of fraudsters and bogus buyers, and you need to avoid them at all costs. If you’re selling your pieces to an organization or company, try to find out if they are a member of associations focusing on jewelry trade. If you are selling to an individual, do your due diligence and run a quick background check.

Take your time

In the end, you might soon realize that selling antique jewelry is not as easy as handing it to a pawnshop or whatnot. It takes a lot of energy and a huge amount of research. Remember that you do not need to rush things. Just take your time. If you need help, feel free to seek the help of an expert.

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