Say Cheese! How to Get the Perfect Portrait Shot

woman smiling covering half of her face
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A huge number of people find it hard to pose in front of a camera, making the whole shoot awkward for both the client and the photographer. If you are one of those people, then chances are you hate having professional photoshoots, even if you really need to.

Below, we will give you a couple of things you should remember before taking portrait shots, or even when participating in product photography in Manila. Remember to apply these things to make sure that your photoshoot will be successful.

Get Enough Rest

You’ll be able to act a lot more confident if you feel good about yourself. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep and see to it that you have enough rest before doing the photoshoot. Besides, you would not want those eyebags to show on camera, would you? Get at least eight hours of sleep before you head to the studio or wherever you are shooting. Fight the urge to watch another episode of your favorite Netflix show and just save it all for after the photoshoot.

Wear What Feels Comfortable

You might need to wear something special for the photoshoot, but this does not mean that you have to sacrifice comfort for style. Make sure that what you are wearing is comfortable enough for you so you can move around without getting restricted. You are preparing for a headshot, but you still want to look good even if the camera won’t capture your whole body. Remember: If you feel great, then posing for the camera would be effortless!

Choose your Best Angle

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If you think you have a better side or angle, then ask the photographer if you can show or work with that specific angle. Never hesitate to tell your photographer this, especially if you feel like it would make you feel a lot more confident and comfortable during the shoot. Most photographers will ask you about this, too, so take your chance and voice it out. The best way to know which your best side is to look at the mirror and practice a couple of poses on each side. You can also take a couple of selfies on your phone on both your right and left side and see which ones you like best.

Try to Relax

Lastly, try to relax so you wouldn’t look tense or nervous in front of the camera. Ask the photographer to guide you through the process and let them do the talking. You can, of course, respond if you feel like it. You should make an effort to build rapport with your photographer even before the shoot so you’d feel comfortable with them during the actual shoot.

Make sure to work with a professional photographer that can guide you through the shoot. Make an effort to chat with them and ask them about their past clients and experiences so you’d have a good sense of what you can expect during the shoot.

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