Residential vs. Commercial Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

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Housekeeping and maintaining cleanliness is usually something that we do at home during our free time. Keeping our home clean can effectively lengthen the lifespan of our home while also keeping us happier and healthier. Of course, we also observe daily cleanliness and organization at work since it can optimize productivity.

Cleaning and having a well-organized workplace will help ensure that workers will be able to concentrate on their tasks without worrying about health complications and risks. Whether you’re working in an office, in a factory, or a warehouse, cleanliness and hygiene is important in ensuring that everyone is working in the best condition possible.

For most homeowners and business owners, using the usual cleaning products will still break down microbes and bacteria that can cause diseases. Still, there are some key differences between cleaning for both scenes.

When it comes to retail and commercial spaces, cleanliness should be given priority, especially when potential customers are zooming in and out of different areas throughout most of the day. Since there’s bound to be a good amount of traffic in such places, these areas tend to have higher sanitary requirements than what is usually needed. Compared to residential areas, cleaning at a commercial level is quite different than one in a residential scene.

But what exactly are the differences between the two? Here are some

What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the cleaning industry, there are two types of services that are normally available, depending on the type of environment. First is commercial cleaning, usually done for workplaces, malls, restaurants, and other business establishments. Second is residential cleaning, usually done on living spaces, gardens, porches, and any area that’s part of your home.

When we compare the foot traffic between a commercial space and living areas, commercial and public spaces tend to have more foot traffic since they’re strategically placed in areas where there are bound to be a lot of individuals. This is especially true for offices where there will always be a constant flow of workforce that uses different facilities. Thus, there is a high demand for cleaning services since waste and dirt can easily build up in such areas if establishments don’t pay attention.

Still, it’s important to look for a commercial cleaning service that is well-versed in almost any type of industry or environment. Fortunately, commercial office cleaning services have experience in cleaning offices and for a plethora of different industries. You must look for professionals who are quite familiar with what to do for any given situation.

wiping wooden table in full PPE

Expediting the Process

Naturally, to cater to commercial cleaning services if we’re in the workplace since they are better equipped in catering to a larger workforce, compared to just a few people in residential areas.

Still, it’s important that we necessary steps in expediting the cleaning process. Here are some ways of making the lives of cleaners easier:

  • Assessing Risks — First and foremost, it’s important to identify the top concerns that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Prioritizing areas that get a good amount of activity can help ensure that these facilities are spotless. Facilities prone to spills, filth, and the formation of moulds are just some of the areas that need to be prioritized. Of course, the health of your employees and their safety should be taken into account. Your HVAC system should also be checked once in a while to ensure that they are functioning and not producing dust.
  • Making It a Habit — Instead of relying on cleaners, employees should take responsibility for their workstations and what they do in other parts of the facility. For instance, have a clean-as-you-go policy when they’re eating at the cafeteria can help.
  • Make It Easier For Employees — Millions of disease-causing microbes can easily stick to surfaces for days to weeks. Placing different cleaning products and sanitizers in different areas will be fewer tasks for cleaners to do.

Overall, there are different ways of maintaining our home and our workplace. It’s important to consider the differences between commercial cleaning and businesses focused on residential cleaning. Take a step back and ask yourself: “What facility are they going to be cleaning? Are we focusing on sustainability or cleanliness?” These are just some of the questions that can give you some clarity on whom you should hire.

When in doubt about how you should approach hazards and waste management, cleaning services are the best way to keep your facilities and home in pristine condition. It’s also important to note that most commercial cleaners are insured, which means that you will be protected from any damage that has incurred. Still, it’s important to do some background research on residential and commercial cleaners before making any final decisions.

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