Proper Way of Maintaining Your Power Tools

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Power tools are not a cheap investment. And just like most things that are also expensive, these are better treated with a little maintenance every now and then. They won’t only make them last longer, you can also expect its quality to remain the same for a longer period of time.

But how should you maintain your power tools? Is there a right or wrong way to do it? Is giving it a wipe down enough or do you need to have some kind of routine meant for this? Take a look at some of our advice below:

Inspect the Moving Parts

Make sure that all the moving parts are working efficiently and smoothly. All the parts need to be straight (unless they are meant to be shaped in a particular way by the manufacturer). Listen to noses that shouldn’t be there and immediately have issues addressed by a professional.

Parts like blades, shoe casings and belts are usually replaceable and are better addressed early than later on.

Proper Use

man with a drill builds metal fence

These are most likely present in the pamphlet that came with your power tool. But in case you missed it, here are some general instructions on how you can properly use your power tool.

  • First off, never try to use your power tool as a compromise for anything. Using your power tool for something it wasn’t dedicated to doing will wear it out faster. If you’re unlucky enough or if the job was just too much for your power tool, it may suffer damage and require repair.
  • Try not to overwork your tool. Power tools create a lot of heat when in use because it needs a lot of power to do its job. Overworking it will cause it to heat up too much cause your power tool to wear out way faster. Let your power tool cool down, and “rest” before you take it for another round.
  • Handle your power tools gently. Avoid dropping them, throwing them or even stacking heavy objects on them. Also, do not get them wet or leave them plugged when not in use. Always keep them out of children’s reach. This won’t only keep your power tool in good condition. It will also prevent accidents from happening.

Proper Maintenance

Another thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to prolonging the service life of your power tools is proper maintenance procedures.

  • Manually remove dust if your power tool doesn’t have a pro-grade system dedicated to dust collection. To do this in the best way possible, use a vacuum. Then, use compressed air to clean out the tool’s vents. Spray the compressed air on the moving parts of the power tool like the drill chucks, the arbors and blades. For molded plastic, use a damp rag.
  • Use steel wool or a stiff brush to remove any signs of rust on fences, iron tables and other hardware. Don’t go overboard with the force to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Use your choice of degreaser of there are any gunk and dirt that you want to get rid of. Spray on some corrosion protector all over the area right after.

Power tools are worth a lot of money, which is why not a lot of people have them. Take of them, and they will last for a longer time.

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