Low Maintenance Businesses You Can Consider

aerial view of a parking lot
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It’s an attractive idea to start a business, being your own boss and being able to achieve financial stability if everything works out. Every business comes with its management requirements, but some are relatively easier to maintain compared to others. If you’re looking for a venture that you can keep up along with other responsibilities and doesn’t require your full on-site attention every single day, then these simple businesses may be the right choice for you.

Parking Lot

The Philippines is jam-packed with cars and people who have places to be. How else would our capital have the unenviable title of “Most congested city in Asia”? With the constant need to have places to safely park one’s vehicle for a few hours (or even overnight in some cases), a car park could be a very profitable business in the metro. It’s exceptionally viable if you get a good location near recreational and commercial spaces that beg people to stay awhile like malls, concert halls, and community centers.

You would only need to hire a few attendants to manage the space and security personnel while adequately installing road markers and parking toll gates as required for a well-built structure. Even if you don’t build a multi-story structure, you can transform any open lot you own into such a space. You would only need the work of reliable thermoplastic road marking paint contractors to make sure you get the right spacing and look to guide drivers into their spots through rain or shine.


People in the Philippines are starting to flock more toward do-it-yourself laundromat spaces. They provide an excellent place to finish all your laundry with good machines at an affordable price. Most of your money and efforts would go into getting good washing machines and dryers, and it’s up to you whether or not you decide to offer detergent and other laundry chemicals for customers to purchase.

The success of this also relies on location, with city centers and residential communities being great hot spots for people looking to wash their clothes themselves. As for personnel, you can even have a skeletal crew if you opt for coin-operated machines, and you have a secure spot that doesn’t see much theft or vandalism.

Storage Lockers

storage lockersstorage lockers

If you find the right market, starting a storage locker business can be a good option because it’s simply a space that your customers themselves have to maintain. You are renting out storage for those who need to have a place for their items. The key is deciding if you want to provide storage units for bigger space or lots of lockers for more day-to-day keeping, and that will help you determine your target audience and what area would work best.

While these business options are great for their low maintenance and primarily self-service nature, they also require you to put enough resources and energy into advertising and picking the best location to keep up foot traffic. From there, as long as you have good security and you don’t let things fall into disrepair, it should be a relatively passive way to have a cash stream that you can rely on.

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